10 Most Outrageous Weapons that are Legal in United States 2015-16

In the world of war, it is very important to be defensive to save your life from the world. That is the reason, United States, the one of the recognized and famous state of the world is the big multitude to the weapons for its defensive purposes.

There are numerous legal weapons that we can just call the insane weapons or outrageous weapons, are legal in United States by the federal law. So here is the list of top 10 most Outrageous weapons that are Legal in US:

10. Speargun


Also known as scuba Gun, Speargun is one of the outrageous weapons that are legal by federal law in United States. It is the weapon which is used to spear an underwater fish. There may be two types of spearguns that are classified as Rubber Spearguns and Air Powered Spearguns. These guns are usually allowed in USA and are costing about $200.

9. Cannons


Black Powder Cannons are sparingly permitted to own in USA. The Cannons use the gun powders and are explosive based propellants to launch a projectile. These canons are legal in USA and you can buy them from any licensed explosive dealer in the price of $3,000.

8. Chain Whip

Chain Whip

This weapon is associated with the Chinese Martial art sport and is very common to own in USA because it is one of the outrageous weapons that are legal in US. As the name suggests, this weapon consists of the chain and the rod that are joined together. These can be purchased online or from any other legal explorers in United States.

7. Umbrella Sword

Umbrella Sword

Just like the warrior swords, the umbrella sword is something that is very common to own in United States. These swords are almost 15 inches long and are really sharp. They are available all around the United States and also online in the price of just $30.

6. Nunchaku


Also known as Chain sticks, Nunchaku, are the one of the most outrageous weapons allowed in United States. This is the traditional Okinawan martial art weapon that is just like the Chain Whip consisting of two sticks that are connected at a single end. This is a very economical defensive weapon and is available in just $50.

5. Grenade Launchers

Grenade Launchers

The launcher of grenade is another insanely legal weapon in United States. This launces the grenade with higher velocity and with great accuracy. All you need to do to own these weapons is to register yourself with the Federal government and with the payment of tax of $200.

4. Crossbow


Another offensive weapon legal in USA is the Crossbow that is a used as a defensive weapon based on the bow and it shoots the projectiles that are called bolts. It is not legal in all the states of USA and it vary according to the legality of every state.

3. Katana


Traditionally the sword of Japanese, Katana is one of the most outrageous weapons that are legal in United States. It is also referred as the Samurai Sword and it is available in the price of $500.

2. Flamethrower


It is one of the most interesting and the insane weapon that is allowed to own in United States. It is widely used in the USA, by the soldiers to destroy the ancient forts and vehicles. Only a few states in USA are not allowing owning the Flamethrower and among these states, California is the top of them.

1. Miniguns


It is completely legal to possess the miniguns in United States after the age of 21 years. It is among the deadly weapons and is costing the price of around $400,000.

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