10 Most Popular Christmas Trees for Decoration

Cheers! Finally the month of Christmas arrives. The month of December arrives with the great happiness and the joy because it is the very dear month to all. It is the highlight of the whole year to many families especially the families which love to celebrate and share love and happiness to others. Additionally, it is of great importance to the Christian community as it is the birth month of Jesus Christ.

Christmas Trees for Decoration

When it comes to Christmas, the next thing that comes to mind is the Christmas tree. And when it comes to choose the perfect Christmas tree for decorating, there are a lot more factors that come in mind. With our list, we have made the decision of choosing the Christmas tree for you much easier. Here are the 10 Most Popular Christmas Tress for Decoration:

1. Fraser Fir

This is the perfect tree for the Christmas celebration. It comes with the silvery green color with the long tipped needles that are soft to touch. It is the perfect match to the Christmas because it is too much easy to decorate and looks more beautiful in Christmas lights.

2. Leyland Cypress

This tree is popular in Scotland and is very sweet tree that gives the dark greenish and grey shade with the sweet fragrance. This tree is good for decoration because it doesn’t produce sap and can last long.

3. Colorado Blue Spruce

Holding the third place among the most popular Christmas Trees for decoration, Colorado Blue Spruce is having the characteristic that an occasional tree should have. This tree looks good effortlessly when decorated with elegance. This tree is famous for its blue foliage that looks silver from the certain angles.

4. Balsam Fir

It is the traditional Christmas tree that is very aromatic and beautiful. This tree comes with the bright fresh green color and is able to hold the light ornaments that go well with its colors.

5. Grand Fir

Grand fir is another best fi to the Christmas occasion because of its unique bright green color and the long lash needles. It can stand almost 300 meters in the air and it is really soft and flexible. It looks good with the Christmas ribbons and the other decorations but not goo to support heavy ornaments.

6. Virginia Pine

The one of the best option for decoration on the occasion of Christmas and it is the most common seller in South. This tree is the best fit to the heavy ornaments with the Christmas lights and ribbons. This tree is thin at the base and that is the reason it can fit anywhere in your house. Another plus of this tree is that it offers the sweet scent that can make the atmosphere of the house sweet and fresh.

7. White Pine

White Pine or formally Eastern White Pine is another beautiful and elegant Christmas tree that is soft, flexible and features the bluish green needles that looks great with the Christmas celebrations. As it is really soft, so it is not suitable for the heavy ornaments but it really look good with light lights and the multi ribbons.

8. Douglas Fir

Another famous and the important Christmas tree is the Douglas Fir that is the best option for decoration because it is one of the trees that look good with the magnificent lightning and the colorful ribbons. This tree can perfectly match to your room and home décor.

9. Scotch Pine

It is the most common Christmas tree in USA because of its beautiful and unique needles and color. This tree is native to Europe and Asia and you can easily decorate this beautiful tree this Christmas because it can bear a wide range of decorating load and its leaves never falls even when it dries.

10. Norway Spruce

This tree is native to Central and Eastern Europe that gain too much importance in the month of December. This pine tree is tall and involves a very little span of life that is why a lot of care is needed while you are handling it. This tree is one of the best options to choose this Christmas because of its outstanding color and freshness.

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