10 Most Popular Dance Styles the World Has to Offer

Are you familiar with the different dances performed all over the world? Do you know to execute them? Well, there are certainly different popular dance styles in the world. Some of them are even danced by so many people in your country. In relation to this, here are the 10 most popular dance styles the world has to offer:

10. Line Dance

Line Dance

As its name suggests, this style of dance requires the group of dancers to form a line while executing the choreographed dance moves. This dance is composed of sequence steps that will be repeated depending on the length of the dance. Sometimes, it’s done by partner, but the line would still be there.

9. Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance

In the 15th century, this dance style was invented in the beautiful and progressive country of Italy. It’s actually a performance dance which is later on developed in the country of Russia and France. After the thorough development of ballet from these two countries, it became a concert dance.

8. Salsa Dance

Salsa Dance

It can be danced alone, but most of the time, this dance style is performed by partner; a man and a woman. Salsa is actually a syncretic dance style that originates in the beautiful country of Cuba. Usually, it involves salsa music but many salsa dancers nowadays are already shifting to Latin American music.

7. Kathak Dance

Kathak Dance

In the 8 classical form of Indian dances, Kathak is one that is danced by many people not only Indians. This dance was invented because of the ancient northern India’s nomadic bards popularly being referred to as Kathakars or simply the storytellers.

6. B-Boying or Break Dance

B-Boying or Break Dance

This dance is also called B-Girling. It’s a street dancing style that became extremely popular because of Michael Jackson. This dance style has 4 primary elements namely, freezes/suicides, power moves, downrock, and toprock.

5. Gangnam Style

Gangnam Style

This style became very famous all over the world because of the hit single of a famous Korean pop superstar named PSY. The dance moves of Gangnam Style were imitated by a lot of people worldwide. Gangnam Style actually refers to the lifestyle of the people living in Seoul’s Gangnam District.

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4. Belly Dance

Belly Dance

This dance style is called “Belly Dance” because almost all parts of the body are involved when dancing it, especially the belly part. This is known as traditional West Asian dance style. Moreover, it has two other names namely, the Arabic dance and the Middle Eastern dance.

3. Yangko Dance

Yangko Dance

This dance came from China, and this has great role to its rich culture. It’s the Han Chinese’s traditional folk dance. Simple swaying of the body especially the hip and the waist is done here. During China’s Lantern Festival, this dance is constantly performed.

2. Tap Dance

Tap Dance

This dance style is amongst those unique dances being invented. The music is produced by tapping the dancers’ shoes to the floor. The sound is produced because of the metal plates attached under the shoes.

1. Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-Hop Dance

This is categorized as street dance, which is performed in the rhythm of hip-hop music. This dance involves popping, locking, and breaking. These dance techniques were invented way back in the 70’s by American hip-hop dancers.

These are the 10 most popular dance styles the world has to offer. If you’re into dancing, then knowing how to perform all of them would be great.

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