10 Most Terrifying Civilization in World’s History

History is made by civilization, but there is some horrific civilization which happened in the history of mankind that is better off being forgotten as it cannot be relived.

Some of the worst and most terrible of civilizations include:

10. The Maoris

The Maoris

These are the indigenous people of New Zealand. They were the first settlers of New Zealand and what they did to unwelcome guests was unspeakable. They used to consume them in the belief that, devouring your enemy makes you stronger, thus during the wars in the 18th centuries, they were known to be cannibals. It is said that in the 1809, they attacked a European convict ship because their chief’s son had been mistreated. They killed and ate the majority of the people they captured, those who managed to hide lived to tell of the horrific story.

9. Comanche, The Apache Tribe


This are Plains Indian tribe and their historic territory is known as Comanche, which comprises of the southwestern Kansas, New Mexico, Southeastern Colorado, Western Oklahoma and northern Texas. They were known for their fearlessness in battle and were referred to as the ninjas of America. They used primitive weapons made from stones and bones to slit their enemies throats from behind unnoticed. They were the best knife fighters of their times. They used tomahawk to terrorize southwest United  States and gave the military a hard time. They were a great hit and run fighters and currently their descendants train special forces in hand to hand combat.

8. Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany

They are normally referred to as Third Reich and it is a common name which was used during the Germany era transformation from democracy to totalitarian state with Adolf Hitler as the leader of the national socialists german workers party (NSDAP) which was destroyed in 1945 by the Allied Forces. This brief civilization affected the world as it is the one which led to the 2nd World War and over 4 million people were killed in the holocaust.

7. Soviet Union

Soviet Union

Communism brought about by the Soviet Union has killed millions of people.  People like Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong and Nicolae Ceausescu are communists who killed millions of people. Stalin alone killed 10-60 millions. Living under Stalin caused fear to everyone in the Soviet Union, thus making it worse than the Nazi Germany.

6. The Aztecs

The Aztecs

They were ethnic groups of central Mexico who spoke the Nahuatl language and dominated parts of Mesoamerica from 14th to 16th century. They had a believe that for every 52 years that passed, they had to appease the gods by sacrificing human beings. About 20,000 people were sacrificed and their hearts and body parts eaten by the living in a ceremony. Other victims were drowned, beheaded, dropped from heights or just burned to death.

5. The Spartans

The Spartans

This was a family which was totally different from other ancient Greek States. Spartan was given a different meaning – simplicity and self denial. The state owned the children more than the parents did thus they were raised to be soldiers who were self disciplined, strong and royalty to the state. Every single Spartan male was a soldier and other jobs were done by slaves, thus depicting that the Spartans were warriors who brought slaves to do other jobs for them.

4. The Vikings

The Vikings

These are sea faring northern Germanic people who used to raid, explore, trade and settle in wide areas of Asia, Europe and North Atlantic Island during the period 8th to 11th centuries.  They were notorious for pillaging and terrorizing through Europe and they had such fierce warriors who never feared battles. They used axes, spears and swords in battlefields and they believed that their purpose in life was to fight to death.

3. Roman Empire

Roman Empire

This is what is now the present Western Europe. It was conquered by Roman Army and the Roman way of life was established. The countries which were conquered included England, Spain, France, Greece, Middle East, and North African coastal region. The empire practiced some criminal acts like forcing criminal slaves to fight each other to death

2. The Mongols

The Mongols

These were considered barbarians and savages who dominated Asia and Europe and were famous for riding on horsebacks led by one of the greatest military commander Genghis Khan. They were masters with using bow and arrow, lances and scimitars  on horseback

1. The Celts

The Celts

These were head hunters and they had this terrible reputation of slaughtering victims and carrying the head in front of their chariots and coming to display it in front of their houses. Scary as it may sound, they enjoyed it and it made them feel victorious. When fighting, they used to undress, remain stark naked.

Civilization though, as terrific as it may sound, has brought us the modern civilization we enjoy.

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