10 Most Violent Prison Riots around the World

Prisons are themselves not less than the nightmares but when they are coupled with the violent riots, and then you are dead. For anyone who is already in prison, the worst case of scenario is the start of riot. Riots are so much dreadful that you cannot even imagine. It is really very terrifying to think about them.

But I am here to list the top 10 violent prison riots around the world that are filled with terror and brimmed with horror.

10. Riots by The Cuban Inmates

Riots by The Cuban Inmates

This is the riot that was caused by the Cuban Inmates who entered the state of America illegally. The government of America was planning to deport almost 2500 illegal Cuban Inmates but since the Cuban Inmates were not aware of the agreement, they broke out in a riot. In the whole process, innocent hostages were killed and this battle lasted for almost a week. And the Cuban Inmates finally surrendered. After the couples of years, almost 1000 Cubans were sent back to their country.

9. Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz is an island that is located in the middle of the San Francisco. This riot was caused when the culprit of the Bank Robbery was sent to the jail. He attacked the guard who was overlooking his weapons. He along his five partners managed to get some of the weapons and planned to hijack the whole prison motorboats. But due to their bad luck, the door of the prison jammed and they got trapped. The battle between the guards and these hostages continued for the two days and then Pantaloons Marines stormed to put this crisis to an end.

8. Riot at Qala-i-Jangi

Riot at Qala-i-Jangi

This is one of the deadly riots that were held right after the 9/11. 1000 members of Taliban and Al-Qaida were caught. Some of the members of these inmates managed to smuggle the weapons inside the prison thus killing two of the overlooking guards by suicide attack. After that two CIA officers began interrogation when one of them snatched the AK- 47 from the guards starting the riot between the alliance forces. Both the parties tried their best but the Alliance forces succeeded and only 86 prisoners survived out of them.

7. Carandiru Riot & Massacre

Carandiru Riot & Massacre

This riot is all about the massacre that that was held between the two rival gangs. The prison was overcrowded and this causes the origin of the riot. 111 prisoners were dead and others were wounded. It is reported that the officers killed the prisoners even who were ready to surrender.

6. Montana State Prison

Montana State Prison

This riot started with the planning of the couple those were prisoned in the Montana State Prison. They managed to create the torches rags and mop handles with which they over powered the guards and set other prisoners free. They along with the other intimates were digging the tunnel and then the guards stormed causing their hopes to end. All the prisoners surrendered expect for two and they killed each other when their hopes come all to end.

5. The United Riot

The United Riot

Next is the riot that occurred between the unlucky alliance forces and three gangs of prisons. The riot was carried out on the announcement of the vaccination of tuberculosis for the prisoners. It covered more than the week that causes 5 culprits to kill and other made suicide during the course.

4. Civilian Riot

Civilian Riot

This is the riot that took place between the civilians who make it made the protest against the brutal behavior of the guards towards the prisoners. The mob bashed upon the guards and set some fires. When the situation gets under the control the guard arrested some of the members of the mob and the crowd disappeared.

3. The Attica Prison Riot

The Attica Prison Riot

Next on the list is another prison riot that took place between the prison and the alliance forces. The prison was overcrowded and a riot broke out with about 1000 prisoners. The siege continued for almost 4 days and the 10 hostages and 29 intimates were killed as a result.

2. The Rescue Riot

The Rescue Riot

This riot was same as the civilian riot however the circumstances were changed. The large mob marched into prison of the Qasr. The mob managed to get the prison out of the order and let the prisoners to escape.

1. Strangeways Prison Riot

Strangeways Prison Riot

It is one pf the longest prison riots in the history that took place with almost 1647 prisoners. The prisoners over powered the guards on the Sunday morning over the call of the sermon. This riot continued for 25 days to settle.

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