10 Mysteries of Human Behavior Science Fails To Explain

There are several behaviors, human beings display that science has failed to point a finger to what triggers them. Things like shyness, adolescent, picking nose and many more. Science has done several things to make us understand how they function like splitting an atom, going to the moon and studying it closely, and even discovering DNA. But when it comes to the aforementioned, it becomes hard for science to explain why it happens the way it happens. It is hard to explain why we feel shy!

Here is a list of 10 mysteries of human beings,  science has completely failed to demystify:

Human Behavior

10. Shyness

It is very hard to explain why one suddenly becomes shy when approaching or being approached by other people and more so, strangers or when in unfamiliar environments. Some say it is genetic or it all depends with the environment someone was brought up from. But why it occurs, it is unexplained.

9.  Dreaming

Why do we dream? It is said that by dreaming, we are able to consolidate and process emotions without the rush of stress hormones and also dreaming helps us to build our memory and also with problem solving, but the reason as to why we dream cannot be scientifically explained.

8. Adolescent

This is a stage between puberty and legal adulthood. It is a transitional stage when there is psychological and physical human development . Mostly it is associated with teenage years. It is only humans, which experience this stage in their development cycle and it is said that it helps the brain to grow and reorganize itself before one hits adulthood.

7. Superstition

This is belief in supernatural powers and it normally happens when one event leads to the cause of another without physical process linking the two together. Examples of superstitions include witchcraft, omens, and astrology – all this contradicts what science tells us about nature. The events are unusual and usually don’t make any evolutionary sense.

6. Kissing

A kiss can symbolize love, peace, passion, affection, respect or friendship. It is an act which varies widely depending on cultural connotations of the individuals. The origin of kiss is linked to ancient humans who weaned their children by feeding them via the mouth, thus reinforcing the link between sharing saliva and pleasure. Kissing has been associated with reduction of stress hormones and increase in bonding hormones but it cannot be explained scientifically.

5. Blushing

This is a unique trait of human beings where the face reddens with embarrassment or emotional stress. Some of its causes have been linked to being love struck or romantic simulation. It is a sympathetic reaction of the nervous systems.it is one of the most peculiar of all human expressions.

4. Picking Your Nose

This is a behavior, especially with teenagers. It happens where ingestions of nasal detritus are unappealingly consumed has no nutritional benefit.  It is unexplainable why the teenagers do it though some argue out that it boosts the immune system.

3. Selflessness or Altruism

Why we do good thing is unexplainable but we still do them all the same.  We get concerned about the welfare of others. The “others” to which the selfless act is practiced varies from culture and religion to the next but cannot be explained why it happens.

2. Laughter

It is a visual expression which happens for a number of positive emotional states such as happiness, joy, mirth, or relief. It can even be caused by contrary emotions such as apologizing, confusion, embarrassment and courtesy laugh. Whatever causes it, cannot be explained scientifically.

1. Art

Sculpture, painting,  dance and music are some of the way human beings showcase their potentials. It is used also as a tool to express experience or share knowledge. It is believed that the drive was started to seek out aesthetic experiences which evolved to encourage the learning of different aspects of the world which our brains have not equipped us to deal with when we are born.

The above behaviors are quite puzzling and even if you stop to think about why they happen, it is obvious you will not get an answer to your search. They have remained a mystery yet to be unveiled by scientists.

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