10 of the Most Beautiful Paintings by Pino Daeni

Pino Daeni was a renowned Italian artist and book illustrator, who will always be remembered for his contribution to the field of art. Born in 1939, this great artist was known for his romantic style which came across through his paintings which depicted femininity, love, beauty and warmth. He died in 2010, leaving a huge void in the arena of arts and paintings. Pino Daeni’s expertise was in capturing the expressions of the subjects of his works to perfection, which gave them a lifelike quality. His contribution to the artistic field has been immense, and he has created more than 3000 movie posters, book and magazine covers during his professional career. Many of his works are set with the backdrop of the vibrant Mediterranean beaches, which show the influence of his upbringing on his art. In fact, he was counted among the highest paid book illustrators in the world and earned fame not only in Italy but around the globe for his extraordinary works.

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Pino Daeni was a self trained artist though he joined the Art Institute of Bari and Milan’s Academy of Brera to polish his artistic skills. Many of his paintings featured nude females, a style inspired by Pre Raphaelites and Macchiaioli. After spending years in his native land and becoming an artist of repute there, Daeni decides to move to the US to explore new horizons in his career. Here too, he rose to great fame and his artwork became popular because of its distinctive style with use of warm colors, yet a very subtle style. Even after his death in 2010, Daeni;s paintings remain in great demand all over the country and the world. In fact, many of his paintings occupy an important place in galleries across the globe, while many of them continue to fetch thousands of dollars from avid art collectors who want them to add to their artistic treasures. Pino Daeni, the legendary painter and artist, will always be alive in his wonderful artwork and the world will miss this creative artist forever and ever.

Here are top 10 most beautiful paintings of Pino Daeni:

1. Remember When

Remember When

2.Mystic Dreams

Mystic Dreams

3.Everlasting Beauty

Everlasting Beauty

4.Long Day

Long Day

5.Close to My Heart

Close to My Heart

6.At rest

At rest

7.Dreaming in color

Dreaming in color

8.Whispering Heart

Whispering Heart



10. A Soft Place in my heart

A Soft Place in my heart

All these paintings by Pino Daeni reflect the amazing and unique style of the great artist, which he based on his accurate brushwork. They are nothing less than treasure for those who own them.


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