10 of the Most Popular Hairstyle of All Time

The hair is the crowning glory of every person. It adds to the overall outside beauty of a particular person. This is the main reason why having a gorgeous hairstyle is very important in order to achieve the beautiful look that you are trying to portray. In this regard, here are the 10 most popular hairstyle of all time:

10. Pixie Crop

Pixie Crop Hairstyle

This hair style will emphasize your gorgeous natural feminine beauty. It firstly gained great worldwide attention since the year 1968 Mia Farrow worn this haircut for her movie titled Rosemary’s Baby. Vidal Sassoon was the one who expertly done this haircut of Mia.

9. Layered Locks

Layered Locks Hairstyle

Layered locks hairstyle is another haircut that is very popular in the past and even up to now. This is more beautiful to look at to those who have blonde hair. Blake Lively is the living proof of this beautiful popular hairstyle because this is what she has during Gossip Girl times.

8. Classic Cut

Classic Cut Hairstyle

This timeless flattering haircut is absolutely popular, especially when Michelle Obama was introduced to the public as the first lady of the US President Barrack Obama. This hairstyle can help you display elegance, grace, and confidence just like Michelle Obama.

7. Blonde Curls

Blonde Curls Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very popular because of Marilyn Monroe. In fact, Marilyn Monroe is the first person that a lot of people can imagine when talking about blonde curls. The blond retro waves of her truly exude irresistible sex appeal.

6. Posh Pageboy

Posh Pageboy Hairstyle

This hairstyle is an asymmetrical haircut embraced by the ever popular Spice Girls’ member Victoria Beckham. This hairstyle made Victoria as the icon of this haircut. This structured style really captures the interests of many women in the world.

5. Feathered Flip

Feathered Flip Hairstyle

This gorgeous hairstyle can be worn by both genders; men and women. It started to become famous from the 70’s up to the early 80’s. For women, the hair is allowed to grow long for around shoulder length that covers both ears. For men, it can be unlayered but those men who have curly hair should have a layered feathered flip.

4. Sleek Bob

Sleek Bob Hairstyle

Women who want a simple elegant hairstyle that will keep them on the go must try wearing a sleek bob hairstyle. It’s a wash and wear hairstyle, so it would never give you tough moments in wearing it. Dannii Minogue is one person that made this hairstyle very popular.

3. Royal Do

Royal Do Hairstyle

Women of different age brackets can actually wear royal do that is made very popular by Princess Dianna. Many people know this hairstyle of course since Princess Dianna is very famous all over the world during her times.

2. Shag 

Shag Hairstyle

This cute layered, flippy hairstyle is popularized by a famous Hollywood actress Meg Ryan. This is perfect for those women who have a sexy, quirky character like Meg Ryan in most of her roles in movies and television shows.

1. “Rachel” Cut

“Rachel” Cut Hairstyle

It was way back in the year 1994 when this hairstyle was firstly introduced to the public through Jennifer Aniston in her American sitcom titled “Friends”. Even for a fact that Jennifer didn’t like the hairstyle, a lot of people are still trying to wear it even up to these days.

These are the 10 most popular hairstyles of all time. Wearing these hairstyles will absolutely give you different looks perfect for different occasions.

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