10 of the Romantic Things to Do on Valentine Day

During Valentines Day, having some romantic things to do doesn’t need to be very expensive. Simple things can be extremely romantic as long as you are spending it with your loved one. Here are the 10 of the romantic things you can do in this special day:

10. Having a Picnic in the Living Room

If the weather is too cold or you don’t have enough budget, one best alternative to spend a romantic Valentines Day is to have a picnic with your partner in the living room. Simply spread a blanket on the floor and have a picnic basket at the center filled with several finger foods like chocolates and sandwiches.

9. Have a Spa Treat without Leaving the House

Who says luxurious spa services cannot be done in your own house? You can definitely enjoy spa services even by doing it yourself with your partner. You can take a bath together and put some essential oils in both of your bodies, and have some relaxing massage.

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8. Recreating Your Own Love Story

You can buy a bouquet of flowers and give it to your partner. Along with the flowers must be a Valentine’s card that narrates your own love story like the first time you meet and how both of you fall in-love to each other.

7. Pretending to Be in a Luxury Hotel

Having a bottle of champagne filled in a classy wine glass is surely a romantic thing. For 5-star quality food, you can just order and have it delivered in your house. For the final touch, you must play a romantic song where you and your partner can dance together.

6. Playing Truth or Dare

You might be wrong if you think you already know all the things that you should know about your loved one. Hence, one romantic thing you can do during Valentines Day is playing truth or dare. You can ask some questions that may clarify everything about your partner.

5. Creating a Secret Rendezvous

To reminisce the intense romanticism of your first date with your loved one, you can try creating a secret rendezvous like a cozy restaurant. You can pretend that it’s your first date. Wear the best dress and suit that you have in your closet.

4. Staying in Bed

If you prefer spending the special day in bed, then why not prepare for a breakfast in bed for your partner? It will make the day very romantic for sure. After eating breakfast, you can watch movies together or play some board games.

3. Drinking Some Different Bottles of Wines

Tasting different bottles of wines with your partner is also a romantic thing to do. Ahead of time, you can go to a wine store and ask for the best wines they have. Five bottles of wines are enough. Cook some delicious dishes that will match the wines.

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2. Transforming Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Place

What you need to do here is change the bed sheets with new ones and decorate the entire room with romantic decorations. Make sure that the colors are also romantic. You can then put some red roses on bed and light some candles.

1. Witness the Sunset Together

Witnessing the beautiful sunset is very romantic for couples. You must do it while having something delicious to eat like chocolates. You can talk about your plans with your relationship while waiting for the sunset.

These are just 10 of the romantic things to do on Valentines Day. Make sure to try all these things with your loved one.

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