10 Oldest Cities in the World Continually Inhabited by Humans

All over the world, there are hundreds or even thousands of cities. Some of these cities are just newly established. Some of them even existed for a very long time already. Despite the fact that they are already old cities, there are still so many people residing here. Here are the 10 oldest cities in the world continually inhabited by humans:

10. Beirut


This is the capital city of the historical country, Lebanon. It is also the country’s economic, administrative, and cultural center. 5000 years ago, this city was established. It was found out that Ottoman, Arab, Roman, Hellenistic, and Phoenician people experienced living in this city in the past. It can be confirmed by the remains that are excavated by the experts.

9. Gaziantep


In the southeast part of Turkey, lies one of the world’s oldest cities. The city is just adjacent to Syria. It is around 127 km from Aleppo and 185 km from Adana. In this city, there are several historic symbols found like the Ravanda citadel as well as Roman mosaics.

8. Plovdiv


This city is the 2nd biggest city Bulgaria has to offer. Many years from the past, this city was inhabited by Roman people. But later down the road, Ottoman and Byzantine dominated this wonderful place.

7. Sidon


This is one of those important Phoenician cities in the world, and it belongs to the country of Lebanon. This city is definitely full of history. During 333 BC, Alexander the Great ruled the city. Moreover, it has been said that St. Paul and Jesus Christ visited such city once.

6. Faiyum


It is in the Middle Egypt where such city lies. A portion of Crocodilopolis, which is an ancient site, can be seen in this city. It was in 4000 BC when this city was established. It is the oldest city Egypt has to offer.

5. Susa


It is exactly located in the country of Iran. Historically, Persian and Parthian empires were very proud of this particular city. It is near in Zagros Mountains; around 250 kilometers. It was found out that it was in the earliest Sumerian times when this city existed.

4. Damascus


After the city of Aleppo, Damascus is the 2nd biggest city Syria has to offer. City of Jasmine is the nickname branded to this historical city. In fact, during 10,000 BC, this city was already inhabited by a lot of ancient people.

3. Aleppo


In the 16th millennium BC, this largest city of Syria was already inhabited by so many people. During 4,300 BC, Aleppo was named as Halab. At present, there are 4.4 million people residing in the city, and this is the most populated place in Syria.

2. Byblos


During the times of Phoenicians, this city was named Gebal. Its “Byblos” name was actually given by the ancient Greeks who come to the city in order to import papyrus. Around 8800 and 7000 BC, this city was already occupied by ancient people.

1. Jericho


As a Palestinian city, it is exactly located close to the Jordan River. In fact, it is the oldest city the world has to offer. Around 1948-1967, this city was firstly occupied by so many Jordan people.

These are the 10 oldest cities in the world that are continually inhabited by so many people at the present. Be sure to know each of them well since they are parts of the world history.

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