10 Outdated Gadgets that’s still Popular in Present Days

Technology has come a long way in the past couple decades. The semiconductor industry had taken off at a pace no one could keep up with, and as a result now we have smaller sized, yet highly capable electronic devices. And as a result, most of the analog electronic devices are now available in their respective digital version. The technology might have improved quite a lot, that doesn’t necessarily mean all the technologies from the past have taken place in a dark corner in the basements of people’s houses. In fact, plenty of outdated gadgets from the distant past are still being used with pleasure. Here’s a list of 10 possible and very popular outdated gadgets that even you might still be using.

Outdated Gadgets

10. Walkman

Well, cassettes have gone out of order very long time ago. However, some people have kept their age old cassettes for the old time’s sake, andjust to take a walk down the memory lane these Walkman gadgets are still being used at times. Walkman product was first introduced by Sony in 1979. The popularity was in the topmost peak during the 70’s and 80’s, later on Discman hit the market which was essentially the same thing, just plays CDs instead of cassettes.

9. Electronic Manager

The Electronic Manager devices are basically PDAs, but comes in much lesser capability. For instance, they don’t have much storage, don’t usually have a camera or microphone, the display is just monochromic and the idea of incorporating cellular, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi into these devices wasn’t even a reality back in that time. These devices looked like calculators with a full sized QWERTY keyboard. Japanese manufacturers like Sharp and Casio brought them into the market.

8. Pager

Pager is near extinct, but still you might locate one of these tiny little text message receivers in some senior citizen’s pocket. This gadget is also known as a beeper because it beeps when a text message is received, and it was very popular during the pre-cellular phone time because full duplex voice communication over a wireless telephone link didn’t seem as easy as it does today.

7. Calculator Watch

A calculator watch is nothing very special, but fancy especially for middle school teenagers. This is basically a digital wrist watch with a tiny basic calculator on board. Though the functionality was very limited, kids still used to love it. And in cases, these watches actually came useful.

6. Dedicated GPS Devices

For the most part, dedicated GPS devices are now obsolete and smartphones have taken that place. All the functions that a GPS device offers are now available in smartphones, and they don’t even cost anything extra while the dedicated GPS devices are pretty costly. However, those who need a rugged GPS device for expedition or travel would still pick a dedicated GPS device.

5. Typewriter

Except some really backdated office desk, these age old typewriters aren’t really seen anywhere. The noise of typebars hitting the platen would certainly drag a lot of people to the distant past, especially the senior citizens of the society. Using a typewriter is troublesome in comparison to an Office program in a PC, yet many people still use typewriter for minor and less important typing jobs.

4. Point and Shoot Cameras

Point and shoot digital cameras have taken an early leave from the digital world. Yes, these are of course digital gadgets yet they didn’t survive long because another technology had already taken the place – the smartphones. Any smartphone in the present day would have a camera that could beat PNS cameras, and also it is much easier to post-process a smartphone’s photo on the phone itself.

3. Portable Media Players

iPod and other MP3 players hit the market during the early 2000s, and though they were digital gadgets yet they had to take a leave. The same story applies, the smartphones have taken up the media players’ job. In fact, even the iPod Touch can’t beat the market sales against iPhone.

2. Local Storage Devices

Local storage devices e.g. flash drives, USB drives etc. haven’t been out yet, but certainly they have taken the exit path. Cloud storages are emerging, the internet bandwidth is pretty decent in most parts of the world now – as a result, people are now moving towards the cloud storages while leaving the offline storages behind. On the same note, storages from the past like floppy disks and tape drives are already extinct.

1. Regular Cellular Phones

When was the last time you have used a non-smart phone? Well, since the smartphones are now getting really cheap, people are ditching their regular cellular handsets. As a result, the basic mobiles phones are now getting really backdated, although they are still gadgets from the present time.


Here’s a list of 10 gadgets that have become outdated over the course of years. Do you recommend something else that we have missed? Tell us!

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