10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Human

Though we at times forget that animals are just animals and tend to be close to them, things have happened between wildlife and human beings that shows the importance of keeping our distance as pertains to wild animals. Animals are becoming wild because they have noticed that human beings are no good. They have started becoming deadly and ferocious. Most animals do attack humans, because humans are encroaching on their habitat.

Here are top 10 shocking animal attacks on humans

10. Travis, The Blood Thirsty Chimpanzee

Travis, The Blood Thirsty Chimpanzee

On February 2009, Travis, a male chimpanzee attacked Charla Nash, a friend to its keeper. Travis had been raised from birth by Sandy Herold, suppressing its blood thirsty for 14 years until this fateful day when it mauled Charla Nash, removing her eyelids, hands, nose, and lips. It was shot dead when it decided to escape from a police cruiser, prompting the policeman to shoot it. Since then, Nash is blind and has undergone several reconstructive surgeries.

9. Whale Attack During A Live Show

Whale Attack During A Live Show

Tilikum, a 12,300lb whale killed its 40 year old owner, Dawn Brancheau on February 2010, during a live show. The Whale was 20 feet, and did attack Dawn at a live show in SeaWorld Orlando, Florida. Those who witnessed it say, Tilikum jumped up out of the water, grabbed Brancheau by her waist and pulled her under water.

8. Tiger Attacks To Roy Horn

Tiger Attacks To Roy Horn

He was of the then popular American-German duo, Siegfried and Roy. He was attacked by a 600lb white Bengal tiger by name Manticore during a live show at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Roy suffered severe injuries on the neck due to the bites and though he survived, he suffered paralysis.

 7. Chimps Attacking Student in South Africa

Chimps Attacking Student in South Africa

A Texas student of the Goodall Institute in South Africa decided to pay close homage to a group of chimps. They attacked and injured him. He had been warned not to go closer, but he jumped two safety fences and went to have a closer look. He was a 26 year old anthropologist student. For more than a half a mile, he was brutally beaten on his hands and ears. During the attack, he lost part of his fingers and ear

6. Rocky The Bear Attacks His Trainer

Rocky The Bear Attacks His Trainer

This happened in 2008, when, a five year old grizzly bear by name Rocky, who was good at acting in movies and TV shows, decided that enough was enough, and attacked his trainer, Stephen Miller.  Rocky bit Miller on the neck, thereby killing him instantly. This happened during filming of a promotional video, Predators in Action. The owner of the promotion  Randy Miller, was left in shock, because according to him, the bear was okay to the cues while the scenes were being filmed and the attack was unexpected.

5. Death Of The Crocodile Hunter

Death Of The Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin was a well known crocodile hunter who died during a filming session when a stingray crocodile pounced on him. The stingray gave him several stabs to the heart, thereby killing him instantly. The incidence of Steve was unfortunate as stingrays are known only to attack when they feel threatened. It is among the many shocking events in the wildlife film making in the world.

4. Grizzlies Attack on An American Environmentalist

Grizzlies Attack on An American Environmentalist

Timothy Treadwell, an American environmentalist was killed alongside his girlfriend and partially eaten by coastal grizzlies during a project they were having at Katmai National Park in Alaska. They had spent 14 consecutive summers at the park. During the October 2013 summer, Timothy and his girlfriend went missing from the camp and a search was contacted; their mauled bodies were found and part of it had been eaten by a male grizzly.

3. Terrible Tiger Attack At Dinner Circus

Terrible Tiger Attack At Dinner Circus

The circus was being shown in Hamburg, during which time, a tiger trainer, Christian Walliser, was attacked by 3 Bengal tigers, following a fall during a performance. He was then pinned down by the tigers which sank their teeth into upper body and his head, tearing off his hands. He survived but with serious injuries.

2. Ofir Drori Attacked By A Crocodile

Ofir Drori Attacked By A Crocodile

OfiDrori is a wildlife conservationist, who has won awards. He was attacked by a predator while enjoying a quiet canoe ride along the Omo River in Ethiopia. The 3m long crocodile just decided to pounce on him. Lucky for him, it was in low water. Using the free leg, he dug a foot into the river bed. After a long struggle, he managed to set his leg free from the grip of the crocodile, but minus a chunk of his calf.

1. Monkey Menace Leading To Mayor’s Death

Monkey Menace Leading To Mayor’s Death

It happened in 2007 when a group of wild monkeys decided to attack Delhi Deputy Mayor S. S. Bajwa on the first floor of his house. While fighting the monkeys, he fell off from the terrace. He was rushed to hospital but later on succumbed to the injuries.

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