10 Surprising Health Benefits of Making Love

Making love is a very important thing in a particular relationship. This can make the relationship even stronger. This is the most important part of everybody’s sex life. But aside from satisfying you sexually, do you know that there are a number of benefits that you can enjoy from this thing? Here are the top 10 surprising health benefits of making love:

10. It Promotes Better Sleeping Pattern

While making love, the stress-relieving chemical found in the brain that is known as oxytocin is released. This chemical is capable enough in lessening the pain and increasing endorphin production within the body. Because of this, you will enjoy a good night sleep and a healthy body condition.

9. It Helps in Burning Calories

When you make love with your partner, you will use your thighs, lower abdomen, shoulders, arms, and legs. Because of this, you are just like working out in a fitness gym. This is the reason why making love can help in burning stubborn fats.

8. It Makes Immune System Stronger

Research shows that your immune system can become stronger than ever with once or twice a week of making love. It can increase the production of immunoglobulin, which is a powerful antibody that can help in fighting colds and some other body infections.

7. It Makes You Feel and Look Younger

It has been proven that lovemaking can increase the production of endorphins within the body. It even facilitates skin in producing Vitamin D, making you look and feel younger inside and out.

6. It Relieves You from Stress

A group of researchers from Scotland discovered that lovemaking can free you from stress. This is after conducting an intensive study of 22 men and 24 women who kept track of their sexual activities. It can even help in lowering blood pressure.

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5. It Promotes Fertility

If you have problem with fertility, then frequent lovemaking with your partner is a great way to improve fertility. This will help you get pregnant easily. To men, this can also help in increasing their sperm counts.

4. It Helps in Fighting Diseases

In case you don’t know, regular lovemaking very good for your health. It can help in fighting a number of diseases. There are scientific studies revealing that the risk of heart-related diseases as well as cancer can be reduced through it.

3. It Helps in Reducing Body Pain

Lovemaking is a natural pain reliever. It was found out that vaginal stimulation can improve the body tolerance regarding pain. It can make monthly periods less straining. It can even help in relieving yourself from migraine and arthritis.

2. It Gives More Beauty to Women

While making love, the sweats that come out will help cleanse the pores, resulting to more beautiful and vibrant skin complexion. Women will also increase their production of estrogen that can make their hair shiny and give them smoother skin.

1. It Promotes Good Overall Health

Since lovemaking is a great form of exercise, it is safe to say that it can intensely promote good overall health among those people who regularly have sexual intercourse with their partner.

These are the 10 surprising health benefits of making love. Be sure to know them and enjoy lovemaking with your loved one.

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