10 Unusual Bottles for Liquors that were Ever Made

All over the world, there are a lot of people who are into liquors especially those Western individuals since it is very cold in their place. There are even some of them who made collecting of liquors as their hobby. Some of the liquors that are being collected by these liquor enthusiasts are those that are packed in unique liquor bottles.

In relation to this, here are 10 unusual bottles for liquors that were ever made:

10. Tommy Guns Vodka

Tommy Guns Vodka

As its name suggests, this vodka was contained in a very unique crystal bottle that forms like a Tommy Gun. This bottle received a lot of good and bad comments from the public, making it to be very controversial vodka released in the US market. As a matter of fact, a gun-making company based in New York sued the manufacturer of this vodka, which was none other than Alphonse Capone Enterprises, a distillery that is based in St. Charles, Illinois.

9. The End of History

The End of History

The manufacturer of this liquor was none other than BrewDog, which was a brewery based in the beautiful and progressive nation of Scotland. It’s actually a beer, which was named after Francis Fukuyama’s work. Fukuyama was the one who branded democracy as the end of the evolution of politics. What made this beer unique was its bottle that was sealed with a squirrel or hare stuffed toy.

8. Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila

Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila

If you are fond of pistols, then this might stir your interest. Yes, the glass container of this liquor formed like a literal pistol image. A Mexican liquor making company was the one that manufactured this tequila. This Mexican company was named Hijos De Villa. The truth is, the company came up with the idea of making this kind of liquor bottle as a tribute to the Mexican Revolution’s 100th anniversary.

7. Bong Spirit Vodka

Bong Spirit Vodka

It’s a vodka brand that is very popular in the world. The bottle of this vodka was just like a bong, and this was the main reason why it was called Bong Spirit Vodka. The maker of this particular unique vodka bottle was the Bong Spirit Imports, LCC that is based in the Netherlands. This bottle came into existence because of the great artistry of the one who conceptualized it in the year 2005, whom was none other than an artist named Jimi Beach.

6. Jack Daniel’s Chess Set

Jack Daniel’s Chess Set

Jack Daniel’s is a world renowned whiskey brand, which is based in the United States particularly in the state of Tennessee. The Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Chess Set was considered to be one of the very unique liquor ever produced by the company since it was contained in a chess set bottle.

5. Absolut Disco

Absolut Disco

All over the world, Absolut is amongst those biggest vodka brands. It is on the 3rd rank since the year 1879. It is actually popular of selling liquors that are contained in very unique bottles. Good example was the Absolut Disco that was released in the market in the year 2007. The bottle looked like a disco ball that you can usually see in disco bars.

4. Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire

This was a gin brand released in the year 1978 by its owner, Bacardi. It was a special edition of the said company, and this was called the Revelation Collection. The bottle of this liquor was decorated with sapphires and diamonds, and its designer was none other than Karim Rashid. The proceeds of this special edition liquor went to the charity known as Smile Train.

3. Kalashnikov Vodka

Kalashnikov Vodka

Kalashnikov Vodka was manufactured by a Russian liquor making company known as Kalashnikov, which was established in the year 1900. A very usual liquor was produced by the company that was contained in an AK 47 bottle. It was even packed in a cardboard that had a Kalashnikov cover. Meaning to say, it was really like a real AK 47 gun.

2. Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka

Globefill Inc. was the one that manufactured Crystal Head Vodka, which was contained in a very unusual bottle. It was released in Canada. What made this vodka unusual was the human skull shape of its bottle that was made from transparent crystal. John Alexander, an artist, was the one who designed this amazing vodka bottle.

1. Khukri Rum

Khukri Rum

What made this rum very unique was its bottle that was shaped like Khukri, which was a Nepalese dagger. In other words, the bottle of the liquor embodied the culture of Nepalese people. This special edition liquor was manufactured in honor of the King of Nepal, Shri Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.

These are the 10 unusual bottles for liquors that were ever made. For sure, you will be surprised when you see these bottles in person.

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