10 Out of Use and Outdated Gadgets that You Should Know

Since the year when technology was introduced to the public, there were already various technological products that were introduced. And every single day, more and more high tech products are being introduced in the market.  Because of these, those products or gadgets that were firstly introduced became outdated and replaced by the new ones. In relation to this, here are 10 out of use and outdated gadgets that you should know:

10. PDA


PDA is just the abbreviation of the gadget known as Personal Digital Assistant. This is just a small size yet bulky device that has a function of a computer. In fact, it is considered by many as a handheld PC. Palm is also the other name of this device. Just like computers, it has web browsers and it can also be used in installing applications since many of its versions have WiFi connection feature.

9. Electronic Organizer

Electronic Organizer

Electronic organizer is just like a small size computer that you can just put in your pocket. It is widely used during the 1990’s. It has built-in diary application where you can write the important things that you should do every single day, or just some random important data that you should not forget. It can also be used as calendar and address book. It has LCD screen and a tiny alphanumeric keypad.

8. Game Boy

Game Boy

It was way back in the year 1989 when Game Boy manufactured by Nintendo was introduced in the market and became popular to a lot of kids. It is a kind of device that will give you a great video gaming experience since it is programmed with various video games that you can play in just a single press of the button. Baseball, Tennis, Tetris, and Super Mario were just some of the famous video games that were programmed here.

7. Film Camera

Film Camera

Film camera was the one being used in the past when smartphones with cameras and digital cameras are not still existing. There were 2 kinds of film cameras, and these were the automatic and the manual one. Compared to the digital cameras of today, film cameras were quite a hassle when used. You need to replace the film after taking a certain number of pictures, and you also need to wait for a certain period of time before you can see the pictures fully developed.

6. Antique Mobile Phone

Antique Mobile Phone

These days, mobile phones seem to be very high tech already, since they are now built with several amazing high-tech features like front and rear cameras, Wifi connection, Bluetooth and a lot more. And almost everyone today have smartphones, regardless of their social strata. Even so, mobile phones in the past seemed to be just for the rich people, and one very popular mobile phone not so long ago was the Motorola flip phone.

5. Portable TV

Portable TV

Portable TV seemed to be the trend in the past when it comes to watching television shows. A lot of people during the 70s and 80s loved using this cool handy gadget since they can watch their favorite television shows anywhere they go. Sinclair Research and the Panasonic were the ones that introduced such out of use and outdated gadget to the public.

4. Calculator Watch

Calculator Watch

Having a calculator watch in the past was definitely a trend. This was the main reason why many of the people before bought this kind of device. Who don’t want to have a watch and a calculator at the same time by the way? This was an in-demand gadget way back in the 70s up to the 80s. The famous manufacturer of a calculator watch is Casio.

3. Discman


Discman was actually a portable CD player that you can bring anywhere you want to. It was widely used in playing music through CD tapes. The very first manufacturer of a discman device was Sony. It was introduced to the public way back in the year 1984. Today however, discman is already out of use since there are now high-tech smartphones and ipads that will allow you to listen to your favorite music.

2. Pager


Pages was widely used in the past as a text messaging device. Yes, it was the best option before the smartphones. The leading manufacturer of pager in the past was Motorola. People started using pager way back in the 70s up to the 90s when mobile phones were already available. This device was also known as a beeper.

1. Walkman


Before a Discman came into existence, there was once a Walkman that was used by so many people in listening to their favorite songs. It was introduced to the public 5 years before the release of the Discman. It was particularly way back in the year 1979. It was firstly used in the 80s until the 90s.

These are the 10 out of use and outdated gadgets that you should know. Before the introduction of high-tech gadgets that replaced them, they were still very useful to the people.

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