10 Useful Advices for Your First Date

A person tends to get really nervous on their first date, as there are so many things that keep on going in their mind, from dressing up to choosing a nice eatery then what after that? Will my date like me, will he not? Grr… Take a chill pill you know. Just don’t bother yourself much on your first date. Allow it flows by itself. Things will go just fine. Of course, you cannot leave everything to flow by it, and few things you can manage and try to change. They aren’t a big task, but it is the basic, and it should always be followed no matter what, it is called being courteous (to your date). There are many things one should consider while going on their first date, many things that they should just keep in mind and not be nervous obviously as it will not help at all. Here are few useful pieces of advice for you, when you go on your first date.

10. Select a decent restaurant

when you go on your first date, make sure that the restaurant you have selected is decent. It shouldn’t be very crowded and it shouldn’t be empty as well. Find a restaurant that has a decent crowd and the food is good. Then select a proper seat for the two of you, from where you can see other things as well, because it is your first date, and you might not talk all the time and you wouldn’t like to stare at each other quietly. It might get a little awkward.

9. Groom yourself

Don’t go on your date, with a messed up hair, long dirty nails, and body smelling of sweat. It’s your first date remember, you ought to impress the person of course; you cannot allow him/her to judge on your untidiness. Wear decent clothes, shoes, and well-made hair. The first impression lasts forever. So make proper use of that situation.

8. Pay the bill

You are the man; you should pay the bill no matter what. But if the girl insists on paying it and tells you lets split, then please don’t get into that trap, rather deny politely, tell her to let me pay now, you can probably pay some other time (with a smile). She will definitely smile back and will agree. And you gained a brownie point; you indirectly told her that you’d like to meet her again.

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7. Think before you speak

It’s your first date, and then just mind whatever you say because you might be getting judged on what you speak. But make sure, whatever you speak, speak with confidence. It’s surely a win-win situation.

6. Be Respectful

A person who respects is surely a nice person. Be respectful, to your date, to the manager or the waiter. Do not call them with a whistle; it’s annoying and so not respectful. And also show some gratitude.

5. Be confident

It is very important to be confident in your life, not only in your dates. Be confident in your acts, while talking or whatever you do. Just be confident.

4. Bring a small token or a gift

The girls really like to receive gifts, so make sure to buy a small bouquet of roses for your date with a chocolate as this is the safest thing you can give her because you don’t know her yet. So do not forget to buy roses for your date.

3. Don’t laugh at everything

This is for you girls especially. Girls, do not giggle a lot on your first date, yeah it is cute, but avoid to giggle on small-small things, it will get awkward and you don’t know what he will think of you.

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2. Don’t spend too much time sitting in the restaurant

If you are done eating your food, then leave the place rather than sitting there ideally and not talking. Instead, go for a small walk if the weather permits, it is indeed romantic.

1. Be chivalrous

It is very basic and very important, make sure to pull the chair for your girl, open the car door, give your hand if the road is uneven. She will for sure love it and your image in her mind will surely take a big step.

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