10 Weird Things We Do When Absent Minded

Being absented minded isn’t always a bad thing as it has its ups and downs. The fact is, it impacts on you as a person and how you interact with others.  This is because the mind is designed to drift away every now and then. Everyone seems to find themselves in this situation once in a while in one’s lifetime.

Picking Your Nose

Here are some of the 10 craziest things we do when we are absent minded

10. Smelling Books

When some people are absent minded, they prefer to smell books. Just like pencils and pens, people love books less for the stipulated purposes than for other positive external ties. People love the distinct smell that books emanate. And because the choices are heterogenous, there are those who love to smell old books while others prefer new books.

9. Making Origami

What we learnt in fine arts classes normally come in handy to distract us in the lectures of other teachers when we are absent minded especially when the lecture is boring. We get distracted and start making planes, chairs and many other objects using a piece of paper.

8. Scratching Your Head

Yes, this is a common phenomenon in people who are absent minded. They start using the pen or bare hand to scratch the scalp. This might cause some side effect in the future as it might lead to hair fall or early balding.

7. Contemplating The Next Vacation

It is true that, none of us loves the work in the office or going to college or school. Nobody loves mundane routine which exists on a daily basis. So we tend to imagine a weekend in some exotic sea beach or serene forest or chilly mountain  during our absent mind escapades.

6. Gazing At A Our Clash in Class

Even if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it comes a time when you drift away and start fantasizing about that hot or handsome classmate, and it is especially common during the time when you are absent minded. It comes so natural and you have no control over it.

5. Chewing The Pencil

This is a habit which is common among the immature and naïve amongst us yet they will claim that they are not immature at all. Anyway, most of us always wish that we had never grown at all, especially when faced with a hard decision.  It may be shameful to look at the pencil afterwards due to its poor condition due to your chewing.

4. Humming a Familiar Tune

It may be a song that you despise, but that is what you will seem to hear in your ears and that is why it is normally referred to as an ear worm. What it means, some songs will never budge, they will keep on lingering in your head especially when you are absent minded.

3. Drawing a Crazy Cartoon Mocking Boss or Teachers

Whether we are conformists or rebels in the public sphere, we at times do stuff which can pass as for revolts by the standard of the day. Check out on the back of some of your books or those of your friends and you might be shocked at what you will see – stuff that you would rather not let anyone else see because they are ridiculous.

2. Enjoying The Makeshift Earbud

Remember that warning by mom and dad when we were young that we should not put pen refill into our ears to clear wax  as there are ear buds meant to do that work? But we know that there is something sweet about the unforbidden fruit that will make us want to do it on and on. When absent minded, some of us will roll up a paper or a pen refill inside our ears.

1. Picking Your Nose

It is a habit that most of us will try to avoid, especially when in public places. It just happens that, most of us will just find ourselves doing it irrespective of our surroundings. But if our loved ones find us doing this, we might as well pretend that  we were sneezing as it is indeed an embarrassing thing to do but it can be concluded by saying, pleasure trumps social customs in most cases.

Am sure, going through the above, you have somehow associated yourself with one or more habits which you tend to do when you are absent minded. Share with friends and family so that they too can know some of the habits which people tend to portray when their minds have strayed. Share it on all your social media platforms so that they can also share with their friends too. It is good to enlighten one another so that we are in the know how all the time.

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