10 Women’s Fashion Trends in the Year 2020

These days, there are a lot of women who never fail to know and apply the latest fashion trends every single year. This is one of the main reasons why the fashion industry worldwide is really flourishing. Woman are normally very conscious to what they are wearing, so it is no longer surprising why they are “fashionistas”.

In relation to this, here are the 10 women’s fashion trends in the year 2020:

10. The Slip Dress

The Slip Dress

The slip dress can be a little bit intimidating to wear because there is a big tendency that it may go off fashion, and it takes courage to wear this piece of clothing. The clinging, slinky silhouette of the slip dress is the main reason why it can be that intimidating to wear. But as an alternative, you can go for an A-lined slip dress, for a very trendy look. You can even pair it with oversized sweater, mules, or a crossbody bag.

9. A Statement Bag

A Statement Bag

A statement bag is also included in the list of 10 women’s fashion trends in the year 2020. This year is really something about handbags. Pull out your best crazier handbags and wear them along with your outfit. Just make sure that the bags complement your outfit of course. Don’t play it safe this time. Play with some other vibrant colors apart from black and white.

8. Pencil Midi Skirt

Pencil Midi Skirt

The pencil midi skirt has been a trendy outfit for several years in the past, but this 2020, it is back from its grave. Needless to say, it is back with some enhancements. It should with a leather, buttons, and zippers. To make it more fashionable, you can pair your pencil midi skirt with a mock-neck sleeveless crop and bold clutch.

7. The Mule

The Mule

Another latest fashion piece that you can wear this 2020 is the mule. In case you don’t know, this is a kind of footwear that may look like your grandmother shoes, but it is certainly not. It may not look fashionable to you when you wear it, so be careful with your partner choices. In other words, pair it with something that it will complement with like a ripped jeans, aviators, and a quilted leather jacket.

6. Oversized Striped

Oversized Striped

Who says oversized dresses are only for oversized women? They are not, of course. Wearing oversized stripes for those slimmer girls would be a perfect fashion trend this 2020. Any color will do. A pleated maxi skirt or a pegged leg pant can make this fashion statement bolder.

5. Off-The-Shoulder Neckline

Off-The-Shoulder Neckline

If you have that very beautiful collarbones to display, then why not wear some fashion pieces that can help you show them to the people. In this case, the ever fashionable off-the-shoulder top or dress would be a perfect wear. However, make sure that this piece of clothing you wear has brighter color. An oversized statement necklace can complement to this outfit.

4. Matching Sets

Matching Sets

You might think that it is already a cliche to wear matching sets, but this 2020, matching sets will be one of the trendiest in the fashion world. In fact, it is one of the most sophisticated fashion statements that you can ever try. You can look more formal when wearing this one. You can pair it with a trench coat and a snakeskin flat sandals.

3. The Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket

Who would have thought that the bomber jacket fashion trend will be back this 2020? However, it is a more enhanced bomber jacket look, with some more new colors and fresh silhouettes. You can pick either an embroidered bomber jacket or an oversized one. It is all up to you, as long as it will look good on you.

2. The Trench Vest

The Trench Vest

The trench vest is a classic fashion statement that you can still wear this 2020, without worrying that you may go off fashion. Even so, the latest trench vest is a sleeveless one. This is to give bolder fashion statement to what you are wearing in going for a brunch or having a business meeting.

1. Culottes


Culottes are some kind of pants that can make you look very trendy this 2020. You can always wear it whether you are going for a coffee sipping in a cozy place or going for a cocktail party. It can be more fashionable when you pair it with some stilettos.

These are the 10 women’s fashion trends in the year 2020. With these fashion pieces, you can never go off fashion.

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