10 World’s Cruelest Torture Methods Ever Used in the History

Before, there were some people who got tortured unmercilessly due to a number of reasons. Whatever the reasons might be, doing this to someone is undeniably inhumane thing. Torturing someone is one way of extracting information or punishing him or her from doing something undesirable. This method is commonly used during the past years. In relation to this, here are 10 world’s cruelest torture methods ever used in the history:

10. The Thumbscrew

The Thumbscrew

The thumbscrew device was popularly used in torturing people within the continent of Europe. It was one of the effective methods in interrogating someone in order to gain more important information. Such torture device has crushing bars and sharp metal tooth that can crush the thumbs of the victim or his or her other fingers. By simply turning its handle towards the top, the crushing bars will slowly go down until the victim’s thumbs are crushed.

9. Chinese Water Torture

Chinese Water Torture

Chinese Water Torture method is one of those common methods used by many people in torturing some other humans. It might not be that harsh to you, but this is more than enough to kill someone by drowning him or her in a pale of water, in a bathtub or anywhere you want to. Spaniards were some of those who frequently used it in the past years. They used it in interrogating prisoners.

8. Lead Sprinkler

Lead Sprinkler

It’s a ladle assembled right there at the top portion of a long iron handle. It’s used like a shower, but instead of water, the liquid that may come out can be acid, tar, boiling water, boiling oil, molten lead or anything that is preferred by the user. The upper half of the ladle will be removed and the remaining half will be filled with the preferred liquid. It will then be covered again by the upper half and that’s it, the liquid can already be sprinkled on the victim.

7. The Rack

The Rack

One of the most painful devices used in the medieval torture is the Rack. It’s a large wooden frame that is rectangular in shape and it is built with rollers on the tip sides of the device. The victim here is asked to lie down and the ankles and the wrists will be fastened to the rollers. When the interrogator doesn’t like the victim, a handle that is connected to the rollers will be moved slowly stretching the limbs of the victim.

6. The Judas Cradle

The Judas Cradle

Spanish people in 16th century were the ones who invented the Judas Cradle, which is also being referred to as Judas Chair. It’s a pyramid-shaped seat used for interrogation. What happens here is that the prisoner will be asked to get naked. He or she will then be raised using a harness attached on the waist. Everytime the prisoner lies, the harness will be slowly loosen up causing the tip part of the chair inserted into his anus.

5. Spanish Donkey

Spanish Donkey

During the Late Middle Ages, the Spaniards were fond of using it when interrogating criminals. It has similarity with Judas Cradle but it is known to be way too worse compared to the other one. The Spanish Donkey is also called the Wooden Horse. It is a wooden torture device that has triangular shape and support poles that are like horse legs.

4. The Head Crusher

Head Crusher

The Head Crusher can make your head crushed into smaller pieces. It’S definitely one of the cruelest torture devices ever used in the history. The Spanish investigators who were used to investigating criminals in the past were the ones who only used this very cruel torture device. If you are unfortunate enough to be tortured using this, then you will surely feel the severe pain and agony for a long time until your last breath.

3. The Heretics Fork

The Heretics Fork

It simply looks like a dual fork since both of its tips have two pointed teeth that are enough to kill you. It is as sharp as a chef’s knife, so you can be cut by this device anytime. It is attached to the neck area using a neck belt, having the top top pointed on the chin part while the bottom tip is pointed to the sternum. Once your head move down, you’re dead.

2. The Breast Ripper

Breast Ripper

The Breast Ripper is actually made for those female criminals in the past. As its name suggests, this device can slowly ripped your breasts away from your body. What a very cruel thing to happen, right? The usual women who experience this extremely brutal torture device were those who were accused for crimes like witchcraft, blasphemy, self-induced abortion, and adultery.

1. The Crocodile Shears

The Crocodile Shear

Such torture device is reserve for men criminals during the Medieval time in Europe. It’s the one being used if you’re proven to have some assassination attempts or plans to the king. It’s definitely a device that comes from hell for those men. It is used in cutting their penis, and it’s not that simple. The device will be heated up first through fire before using it.

These are the 10 world’s cruelest torture methods ever used in the history. For sure, you don’t want to be tortured by these devices.

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