10 World’s Most Exotic Infinity Pools Made By Man

Swimming is one of the most common activities done by many people from all over the world. This is the main reason why numerous homeowners nowadays are adding swimming pools in their residential places. The most preferred kinds of pools are the infinity pools since they exude very unique and beautiful aesthetics, that can be soothing to the eyes. Here are 10 world’s most exotic infinity pools made by man that you might want to see in person someday:

10. Hotel Caruso’s Infinity Pool

Hotel Caruso's Infinity Pool

Hotel Caruso can be found in the town of Ravello in the beautiful country of Italy. It is branded as a resort town, so it is no longer surprising why there are lots of hotels and resorts here. The infinity pool of Hotel Caruso is definitely a  very unique and gorgeous one since it is intentionally made to be above sea level (around 1000 feet).

9. Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena’s Infinity Pool

Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena's Infinity Pool

If you want to take a rest and stay away from the party zone of Ibiza in Spain, then occupying a room in the Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is the best thing that you can do. The infinity pool is constructed just right there at the edge of the rocky cliff where the hotel is perfectly nestling. While swimming here, you can take a look at the relaxing view of the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Huvafen Fushi Resort’s Infinity Pool

Huvafen Fushi Resort's Infinity Pool

The Huvafen Fushi Resort can be located when you go to Maldives. This a world-class resort that offers a lot of modern facilities where you can have a great time alone or with some friends. One good example is its amazing infinity pool that is built with glass walls.  With this, you can see some beautiful marine animals like fishes when you go swimming in this infinity pool.

7. Astarte Suites’ Infinity Pool

Astarte Suites' Infinity Pool

The Astarte Suites is one of the top-notch hotel accommodations in the famous Santorini Island in Greece. The hotel itself is built in a location where the volcanic rock of Santorini lies. Because of this, you can surely have the best view of the entire place specially when you go swimming on its uniquely designed infinity pool. The Aegean Sea is simply magnificent to watch here.

6. Jade Mountain Resort’s Infinity Pool

Jade Mountain Resort's Infinity Pool

Jade Mountain Resort lies right there in the beautiful exotic town of Soufrière in St. Lucia. It is a hotel accommodation that is comprised with 29 villas where you can stay for your entire St. Lucia vacation. What’s the best about this hotel is that there is a private infinity pool built in every villa it offers to the tourists. Adding to the uniqueness of these infinity pools are their different sizes.

5. Golden Triangle Resort’s Infinity Pool

Golden Triangle Resort's Infinity Pool

The Golden Triangle Resort is built on one beautiful hilltop location in the city of Chiang Rai in Thailand. The hotel is surrounded with lush greenery that is composed of jungles. The total land area of this world-class resort is around 160 acres, including its eye-catching infinity pool. While swimming on its infinity pool, you can have the chance to witness the enchanting nature that is surrounding the entire resort.

4. Four Seasons Resort’s Infinity Pool

Four Seasons Resort's Infinity Pool

If you are fond of infinity pools, then there’s no way the Four Seasons Resort’s infinity pool won’t mesmerize you. The Four Seasons Resort is one best quality hotel accommodation when you go to the enchanting island of Maui in the US state of Hawaii. From the exact location of its infinity pool, you can have the chance to see the amazing beauty of the mountain ranges available in Maui.

3. Marina Bay Sands Hotel’s Infinity Pool

Marina Bay Sands Hotel's Infinity Pool

Within a cantilevered platform, the infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands Hotel is built making it to be very unique. It is right there on the rooftop of the said hotel, and its height from the city ground is around 679 feet. This is high enough, right? This is why you can enjoy the amazing view of the entire Singapore when you go swimming in this pool.

2. Capella Pedregal’s Infinity Pool

Capella Pedregal's Infinity Pool

If you want to stay in a boutique hotel that has amazing unique infinity pool, then the Capella Pedregal is the best choice for sure. This hotel is nestling in Cabo San Lucas in the beautiful country of Mexico, particularly in the Baja Peninsula. It has 2 infinity pools that you can enjoy, and these pools can be able to be seen while you are staying in your room.

1. Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel’s Infinity Pool

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel's Infinity Pool

What’s unique about the infinity pools built in the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is the fact that they have different sizes and shapes and they are available in several levels in the hotel itself. Meaning to say, it is not only one infinity pool that you can enjoy here. Their shapes are actually inspired by the surrounding mountains and hills in the hotel. Such magnificent place can be found in the Island of Bali in Indonesia.

These are the 10 world’s most exotic infinity pools made by man. Swimming to these pools will surely be a great swimming experience that you can have in your life.

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