20 Best Homemade Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is the best time to celebrate and to cheer at the end of the year. Month of Christmas is probably the time which is everyone’s favorite. Happiness of this occasion can be enhanced with the sharing of the gifts. So it is the best time to share gifts to make the past year memorable and lovely. We have compiled the list of 20 best homemade Christmas Gift Ideas that you can share to enjoy Christmas.

1. Wreath

The best item for the gift is the special decorative accessory of Christmas, the wreath. You can make special wreath with special flowers for the person you are going to gift that.

2. A Jar of Sweets

Take a jar and full it with the sweets and gift it to the person you love the most on the Christmas Eve.

3. Chocolate Skiers

Everyone loves chocolates and that is the reason why they made a good gift. Add the candy sticks at the front of the chocolates to make them look like skiers.

4. A Christmas Painting

Painting is also a very good thing to gift. You can paint the message or something that have association with the Christmas.

5. Snowman made of boxes

Round boxes piled up together to gain the form of the snowman is also one of the best gifts that you can give to your beloved one.

6. Scented Candles

Scented candles can also be one of the best Christmas gifts that you can make at your home. You need to have some wax and melt them. Add the sweet scent and some glitters to make them look more presentable.

7. Supplies Box

Another one of the best gift that you can gift to any other person on Christmas is the supplier’s box. You can use a cardboard box in which baking cups could be attached to make them unique in look. You can also embellish them with different decorative items.

8. Painted Mason Jar

Gift the hand painted Mason jar on the Christmas to the person you love. This will make the gorgeous jar or vase to decorate the corner of the room. Paint the bright color on the jar and add with flowers of the same color to add the beauty.

9. Vanity Dinner Plate

Using a photo as the starting point, you can create a vanity Dinner plate for the person you love. This will make him feel like the guest of honor and that will be easy for you as well. Just paint the picture on the dinner plate and gift it to the one you want.

10. Knit a Red Stocking

Another best idea for the homemade gift for this Christmas is the Red Stocking. Christmas is associated with the stockings so you can knit it for your beloved ones.

11. Make a Cute Envelope

You can also make an envelope for the letter that you have to send to your beloved one on the occasion of Christmas. Use charts and markers and make different shapes or Santa with charts.

12. Painted Wooden Block

It is one of the easy and the most unique homemade gift for Christmas. All you need is to have the wooden block and paint of red color. Just paint the single word of motivation for the year ahead and gift it to your beloved ones.

13. Christmas Towels

Just decorate the towels of different colors with the Christmas items that look very cute when you gift them on the Christmas occasion.

14. Vinyl Lettered Jar

Another beautiful homemade gift for the Christmas is the Vinyl lettered jar. You just have to have the glass jar and vinyl paint. Place your message of Christmas on the jar and add some red ribbon to the cap of the jar to make it more attractive.

15. Decorative Boxes

Just cut the cardboard boxes and decorate them with the unique decorative items with the funky colors and gift them to your relatives to share happiness.

16. Spray Painted Prints

To make such unique gifts, you just need a plain page, some permanent sprays and some leafs and branches. Cut the pieces of hard board to make boarders and place the branch of plant inside the boarder. Spray all over and remove the branch let it dry completely. This will give you the beautiful and unique painting.

17. Christmas Cups

For making these DIY Christmas mugs or cup, you just need to have some colored and funky glitter markers with the Mugs. Just draw the Christmas trees and share your message on the cup with marker pens.

18. Recycled Book Keepsafe

Another best idea to gift on the Christmas occasion is the book keepsafe that allows you to keep the books in them. Transform an old box into the pretty one by decorating it with some ornaments and decorative items.

19. Clay Dish

Clay dish could be the unique and the best gift idea for the Christmas theme. Roll the clay over the parchment paper and let it freeze for few minutes. Remove the clay and press the rim of the bowl into the clay to cut the shape like the bowl. Choose different types of patterns and allow them to carve on the clay by pushing them into the plate of the clay. This will give rise to the unique ad funky patterns that looks good while gifting on the Christmas occasions.

20. Color Block Pillows

One of the best Christmas gift ideas that are cheap and homemade are the color block pillows. These pillows are the easy one to create. Just cut the different shapes on the different colored clothes and stich them together. Keep in mind to use the colors that complement to the colors of Christmas. And stich those together like the pillow cover.

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