America’s Next Top Model Winners List of All Seasons

The American television show America’s Next Top Model has revealed the most talented men and women in modeling who have dreamed of being on-top.  In searching for the next top model, there is a long list of sexy, charming and pleasing contestants. The show hosted by model Tyra Banks together with her panel of judges and a number of aspiring models who strive hard to compete and win a life-changing modeling contract.

The modeling show was first aired in 2003 and there are twenty-two cycles completed already as of 2015. In its twelve years of running, there are twenty-two victorious models crowned as the “America’s Next Top Model”. What their life looks like right now will surprise you.

America’s Next Top Model from Latest to Oldest

Cycle 22 (2015)

Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco is an Ameican model and activist. He is the only deaf contestant to ever compete on the show. He is now one of the most famous celebrities worldwide.

Cycle 21 (2014)

Keith Carlos

The first man to win “ANTM” is Keith Carlos. It’s a big win for the boys. He currently has a role in “Chocolate City 2” film with one of the biggest stars, Tyson Beckford.

Cycle 20 (2013)

Jourdan Miller

There was a telemarketer in Oregon namely Jourdan Miller who decided to join in the search for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20. She luckily won and created a blog to help those people who wanted to get the crown like the way she did.

Cycle 19 (2012)

Laura James

Laura James has been in the showbiz industry even before the television show aired. She is a daughter of an actor and her mom is a model so she was no stranger to the modeling and showbiz industry. She presently started her own jewelry line business.

Cycle 18 (2012)

Sophie Sumner

The Cycle 18 winner was Sophie Sumner. She was chosen to compete in the America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18 and fortunately get the crown. She presently becomes a TV Host for various TV shows.

Cycle 17 (2011)

Lisa D’ Amato

The winner of cycle 17 was actually once a participant in Cycle 5. But because of her unspoken personality, the show invited her back. Lisa D’ Amato is now back in Los Angeles working on her own music career and released two albums.

Cycle 16 (2011)

Brittani Kline

Brittani Kline had just graduated from high school when she decided to join the modeling show. She went on to book some big fashion modeling jobs and shows.

Cycle 15 (2010)

Ann ward

A 19-year old student from Dallas namely Ann ward is well-known on the show for having the smallest waist. She seemingly enjoys drawing right now as what her Tumblr page looks.denotes.

Cycle 14 (2010)

Krista White

Krista White was very determined enough to wear the crown. Krista White has now built her portfolio for she walked for Nicole Miller at New Zealand Fashion Week in 2010 and she is now a fashion director of a classic magazine.

Cycle 13 (2009)

Nicole Fox

Nicole Fox was the winner of the show in the cycle 13 competition who was a student in University of Colorado before she decided to join the contest. Nicole currently received various modeling contracts.

Cycle 12 (2009)

Teyona Anderson

Teyona Anderson was known for her “wind in the face” look. She focused her modeling career right now in South Africa’s fashion weeks.

Cycle 11 (2008)

McKey Sullivan

Brittany Sullivan or McKey Sullivan decided to go for modeling after her knee surgery. She so much loves sports and she is married right now to a mixed martial arts fighter.

Cycle 10 (2008)

Whitney Thompson

The first plus-size model winner, Whitney Thompson was a model for Jacksonville Magazine before joining the show. She is then become a model and ambassador for various company and association. She has now her own farm-to-table restaurant in Springfield.

Cycle 9 (2007)

Saleisha Stowers

Saleisha Stowers who came from California who was worked as a receptionist in Los Angeles. She now made various television acting.

Cycle 8 (2007)

Jaslene Gonzalez

Jaslene Gonzalez was an online college admission advisor before and had tried out for the seventh season but only reach the semifinals. According to her personal site, she is now doing international tour and magazine cover.

Cycle 7 (2006)

CariDee English

CariDee English was an aspiring photographer who came from North Dakota. Since the show, she appeared in various TV commercials and ads. She became a reality show host as well.

Cycle 6 (2006)

Dani Evans

The strong runway of Dani Evans helped her win the 6th cycle of the competition although she received a little critique because of her thick accent. After winning, she continues modeling.

Cycle 5 (2005)

Nicole Linkletter

Nicole Linkletter is a North Dakota native who has been a judge at a Miss USA pageant and walked in numerous runway shows.

Cycle 4 (2005)

Naima Mora

Naima Mora was a contemporary ballet dancer before deciding to join the modeling. She had then released a book that gives tips to modeling. She luckily released an upbeat single right after.

Cycle 3 (2004)

Eva Pigford

Eva Pigford is a native of Los Angeles who was selling men suits in a department store in Georgia. Eva racked up a number of acting credits today.

Cycle 2 (2004)

Yoanna House

A 23-year old Yoanna House was striving to lose 50 pounds before applying in the competition. Yoanna is doing other things right now and hosting is her more preferred work.

Cycle 1 (2003)

Adrianne Curry

Adrianne Curry was working as a waitress before winning the crown. She then became the hit for famous magazine covers and continued her career in reality TV shows.

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