How We Found the Best Home Security Systems 2020

Home security systems have become very popular throughout the years, and rightfully so with all the craziness happening in the world. But along with the increase of demand, the supply has increased in the form of more and more companies offering their services and flooding the market with choice. It’s overwhelming. However, we have done our best to weed through all of the contenders to bring you the Top Ten Home security systems of 2020.

10) Protection 1

This company has a bundle of options for the basic plan that are great and the company strives in the wifi and cellular driven security world, while also offering landline based service. Unfortunately, the system is complicated when trying to do any sort of research on it, as well as being one of the more expensive options.

Best Home Security Systems 2020


  • The company offers mobile app access under its basic plan as well.


  • Complicated website and hard to find details

9) Guardian Protection Services

The company offers packages for both home and small business. Along with that, the protection services provided cover your typical basic level threats, fire and intrusion, but it lacks the extra alerts that have boosted some other protection systems higher onto the list. However, you must have it installed by a professional, though the professional can use pre-existing security systems.

Guardian Protection Services


  • Prices are cheaper than most


  • Professional installation required

8) Monitronics

Monitronics comes in at number eight for a few reasons, most notably the dependency on location for any sort of solid price quote. The product is sold through individual authorized dealers, so prices vary from location to location.



  • Monitronics devices are under a lifetime warranty.


  • Prices change based on dealer prices, not company prices.

7) LifeShield Security

This is a company that sells budget-friendly home security through DirecTV as an additional service. With this system, you can install the equipment yourself. The one big catch is that LifeShield equipment only works with other LifeShield equipment. All of this equipment comes with a short, one year warranty. The best thing about the product is affordability.

LifeShield Security


  • They charge less for equal services than most other companies.


  • Only offer one year warranty on equipment.

6) SimpliSafe

This company was a startup in 2008 and has since grown to be a nationwide sensation in the home security system. They have really cornered the market on security amongst renters. The best thing about SimpliSafe is that there is no contract required for the service.


  • Offer security to renters as well as homeowners.


  • Unfortunately, the product also lacks things that are on most of the competitors’ plans.

5) Vivint

Vivint is a rarity in the world of security systems in that it doesn’t need a landline or broadband to work. This makes it more difficult to disable, and the system can operate with or without power. The product is available in all 50 states but you may not be able to buy it if you have bad credit.


  • Available everywhere in the US


  • The company requires a credit check

4) ADT

This is one of the oldest names in home security and all of their equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. The brand name helps to build the reputation of your system as well. One of the biggest issues is that ADT equipment must be professionally installed, which can take a toll on your wallet. The mobile app only operates at full functionality with advanced plans.


  • Name recognition and quick system alerts


  • Expensive installation and required upgrade for app functionality

3) Protect America

All of the equipment and devices offered by this company are under lifetime warranties and have no upfront costs. Instead, the normal start up fees find their way into the monthly payment plan, causing their rates to be slightly higher than others. They also do not have an alert for natural gas leaks.


  • No upfront costs


  • No alert for natural gas leaks

2) LiveWatch

A rarity in the group for a bad reason, the product only offers self install security systems. However, they make up for this by offering an unparalleled buffet of brand name security equipment. Their product let’s you mix and match to create your ultimate security system.


  • Consumer has numerous choices of brand name equipment


  • Only offer self-installation of equipment.

1) Frontpoint

The wireless system for this product can match up with 39 sensors and your phone so you know what is happening at all times in your home. Another plus, the system is easy to install but difficult for intruders to foil. Unfortunately, Frontpoint does not currently offer a two way intercom service.



  • Wireless connection to most of your sensors and phone


  • No two way intercom.

Do some background research to find out more about each of these systems and figure out which ones are in your budget range while offering the most to you and your family. That is how we found the best home security systems of 2020. So get on the internet and get looking!

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