Most Interesting BFDI Characters – Who Is Your Fan Favorite?

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What happens when twenty inanimate objects desire change in their lives? Well, if you watch Battle for Dream Island, a robotic speaker box arrives to give them all new incentives. There is so much to learn from all the BFDI characters. For example, what would you change in your life? Maybe you should change just your perspective?

In the game, a competition for an island of luxury starts. The Battle for Dream Island was the first object show on the internet. You just have to love it. The animation, the BFDI characters, everything is just amazing.

Fun fact: two kids made this masterpiece. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about the different Battle of Dream Island characters and contestants. Creator Michael Huang and his brother definitely did an amazing job with the animated web series. Michael is a YouTuber, and he is two minutes younger than his brother Cary Huang.



Arguably one of the best characters. Fanny is funny and brutally honest. Many people relate to her in real life. This awesome character might not make it far into the game, but many people still love her.



He was formerly known as Building Block. He appears in the first few books of Total Firey Island and in the Firey Character Chart. Blocky is a male contestant and he competed on the Squishy Cherries until his elimination.

He received 239 votes to join Battle for Dream Island Again, but that was not enough.



This recommended character is so lovable. Fans find him amazing and relatable. Many fans argue he deserves more screen time in BFD. He caught the attention of friends and fans around the world from the moment he appeared on BFDI.



Among the BFDI mini contestants, Foldy is among the most adorable ones. She gets so much hate online, but she is a precious character. It is a mystery why some fans just cannot seem to love her?

Barf Bag


There is a reason this girl is a fan favorite. She is so determined, funny, and interesting, you definitely want her as your friend in real life. Chances are she will make it quite far in the game.



She is a female contestant on Battle for Dream Island, IDFB, and Battle for BFD. This makes her one of the best BFB characters. Flower was on the Squashy Grapes team and the first person to be eliminated. Flower received the most votes at the first Cake at Stake.

But she was also the last person to be eliminated before the Finale. Flower is in the intro card of IDFB but didn’t appear in the first episode. In Battle for BFB, she was a member of the Have Nots and survived to reach the merge.



For some reason, fans cannot stand Book and her personality. The reality is that she is one of the more developed BFDI characters. Some lesser characters receive more screen time than Book. And that has to stop.



Who doesn’t love cake? We are talking about the character, but also about cake in real life. She is so “sweet”. Now that was an intended pun.

Ice Cube


No, this is not the rapper Ice Cube. In the show, Ice Cube is often referred to as Icy. She is a female contestant who often asks Pencil and Bubble if she can be in their alliance. Yet, she wasn’t allowed to join until Half a Loaf Is Better than None.



Leafy is a recommended character and one loved by fans as much as Firey. These two are among the most popular BFDI characters. In BFD, she just wanted to help the team. But everyone just HAD to vote for her in BFD 2. Luckily, she rejoined.



Here is a male contestant who competed on team Ice Cube. Fun fact: Donut received 573 dislikes, which was a record until BFDIA 6 and he placed 22nd, which is dead last.



This female character is just amazing. She was among 30 recommended characters who could have joined Battle for Dream Island, but she placed 5th with 22 votes. So, the announcer sent her to the Locker of Losers.



This character is another that gets too much hate for no particular reason. He is an interesting contestant, but it is a mystery why he receives more and more votes.



How can you not love a cute flying pink ball of fluff? Yet, for some reason, people cannot forget the one time she betrayed her team.



As we said in the beginning, all BFDI mini contestants are basically characters that are items from the real world. And how can you have a game like that without a pen? He is best friends with Blocky, Eraser, and Snowball.



Pen is a male contestant and Pencil is the female contestant. These two go hand in hand in real life. But not as much in the series. She was on Team No-Name in Battle for Dream Island Again.



The female contestant competed on the Squashy Grapes until her elimination in Crybaby. Why? Because Snowball was chosen to join the Squashy Cherries instead of her.



You have to have this character in the game. He is a male contestant who survived Battle for Dream Island Again and appeared in IDFB. In BFDI, he competed on Team Ice Cube until the split in The Escape from Four.



When you make a game from real life, you just have to include some fries, right? Creator Michael Huang did a great job with this character. Fries was a recommended character who had the opportunity to join Battle for Dream Island in Reveal Novum. Yet, he didn’t receive enough votes. Yet, he received enough to join BFDIA.



Woody competed on team Squashy Cherries until his elimination in Bridge Crossing with 9 votes. He finished in last place in the first season, despite having three objects being eliminated before him. The reason was Blocky, Spongy, and Flower rejoined. And they were all placed lower than Woody originally.

This male character is defined by his fear of almost everything. This trait would subdue in later seasons. He is notable for his inability to speak in full sentences. Woody communicates through mumbling and single words.



She is a female character and one of the 30 recommended characters who had a chance to join during The Reveal and Reveal Novum. But she failed to get into the game with only four votes, along with Cloudy.

Her design is made of brown metal, with a blue ribbon around the middle.



Let’s finish off our list of interesting BFDI characters with Pillow, a female contestant. She was a recommended character who was up for voting to debut in The Reveal. Yet, she did not receive enough votes.

In Battle for Dream Island Again, she did not receive enough votes again.

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