Camp Camp Characters – Get To Know The Camping Kids

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Camp Camp tells the story of Max. He is a ten years old kid who finds himself stuck at a dysfunctional summer camp. The camp is run by a shady business mogul. The show is one of the best on TV. It is 200% hilarious, 200% not for children, and 200% full of fine details you can pick if you pay attention. But most importantly? There are many amazing Camp Camp characters you will love.

The show gives you life lessons and emotional awakening. And if you want something more, then there are some dirty jokes. Three kids play the role of the main character. Those are Max, Neil, and Nikki.

Watch the show to see how the cynical Max will have to survive the annoyingly cheerful counselor David and the weird cast of campers. There are bizarre surprises at every turn before he can go back home. The fourth season was the last one, and currently, there is no word about a fifth season.

With that in mind, here are the popular Camp Camp characters.



We said Max is the main protagonist of the Rooster Teeth internet series Camp Camp. He is a rude, grumpy little boy who has no respect for authority. As a result, he is forced to spend his summer at Camp Campbell. And no, it is not his wish. Together with his friends Nikki and Neil he constantly causes chaos and rebels against the councilors.

And of course, he is trying to escape. The extremely pessimistic kid always is trying to devise a wide variety of things to find a way to get out.

In the first couple of seasons, he has gone out of his way to cause trouble. Simply put, Max enjoys snuffing out the joy of other people.



David is the deuteragonist of Camp Camp. He is one of the two counselors working at Camp Campbell. Unlike Max, David is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy who always wants to show people the bright side of camping.

Gwen is his co-counselor, and the two often clash because of their different personality. David has a thin and lanky build.

In the TV series, he is shown to be enthusiastic and happy to a nearly-obsessive degree. Yet, there are many signs he has depression and struggles with anxiety. And as we know, usually, the happiest people are the saddest inside. Usually, happy people struggle with depression. We can name many examples, like Robin Williams.

David is prone to panicking when things go wrong.



Playing the role of a recurring antagonist, he is a Cult Leader with a profound amount of devotion to his religious ultralord, Xemug. He often tries to sacrifice people in Xemug’s name. He is always trying to infiltrate his way into Camp Campbell to meet his goal.

His appearance is identical to David’s. But there is one difference. He has a lighter color palette and wears formal clothing.

In the beginning, we see his personality as happy-go-lucky, quite similar to David. This makes David trust him. But it is only a fa├žade to get into the Camp.

Once he gets inside, he tries to perform detoxification rituals to help campers reach ascension.



We also know her full name, Gwendolyn. But she prefers to be called Gwen. She is a counselor alongside David. Unlike him, she is a fangirl. Gwen is obsessed with Doctor Who and watches many more shows with references to real-life shows, like The Kardashians, Doctor Phil, Maury, and more.

She is the polar opposite of David. Unlike him, she is not upbeat and happy. Instead, she is jaded and sullen. Campers irritate her. We can describe her as one of the few sane residents of the camp.

But despite her apathetic attitude, Gwen cares a lot about the camp. She takes her job seriously despite being her last choice for employment.



This girl is a Magic Camp camper. She has an affinity for LARPing and relating anything and everything to her fictional interests. Nerris is in love with the game Dungeons and Dragons. She and another Magic Camp camper, Harrison, have a bit of a rivalry between them.

She appears as a lanky camper with round, black glasses, and silver braces. As for her personality, she is often lost in her fantasy world. Most of her interactions with other campers revolve around her hobby.

Yes, she is often kind and pleasant to those around her. But every now and then, she is not afraid to speak up or show her attitude if needed. When it comes to the people she cares about, she is quite brave.



Here is another main character of Camp Camp. Neil is a Science Camp camper. He was quite enthusiastic about science, but then got disappointed when he found out that Science Camp was not as promising as he thought.

He appears as a boy with chestnut-brown curly hair, wearing a short-sleeved turtleneck and dark red skinny jeans.

His passion is science. And that makes up a huge part of his personality. We see him memorizing different equations and concepts. He likes to do some computer coding and even build robots in his spare time.

As a firm believer in science, Neil often clashes with Harrison. As part of the Magic Camp, Harrison performs magical feats and doesn’t believe in science at all.

Space Kid


Neil Armstrong Jr, or Space Kid, is a Space Camp camper and is often seen obsessing over space. In one episode he is able to go to space at one point. Later episodes reveal that he is actually the great-grandson of the actual Neil Armstrong and great grand nephew of Buzz Aldrin.

He is a relatively short boy who wears an astronaut helmet. Upbeat and optimistic, he manages to maintain a positive attitude even in the hardest times.

Preston Goodplay


He is the Theater Camp camper who spends his time composing, performing, and sometimes watching plays. He was modeled after the famous playwright and stage actor, William Shakespeare. They have similar hairstyles and outfits. Preston’s outfit does actually resemble the 1500s fashion.

His defining characteristic is the volume of his voice. Fans see him yelling when communicating with others. There is no word on his parents, and his grandmother attended Parent’s Day. It is heavily implied that he lives with her.

When it comes to theater, he is deeply passionate about all things. Preston shows a wide knowledge of many famous plays, including Les Miserables and Romeo and Juliet.

Meredith Ered Miller


Meredith Miller is an Extreme Sports camper and the cool kid of the camp. He is a laid-back and lazy girl who is often described as cool by her fellow campers.

Many agree that her coolness comes from her charisma and unbothered exterior. During the show, we often see her taking selfies. Her obsession with trying to prove her coolness to everyone implies she is self-centered.

Cynical Max will tell you that she uses people for her own gain. And she even admitted that in the episode Camp Cool Kidz.

On rare occasions, she will break out of her usually lazy voice and show her emotions.



Her real name is Nicolette, but she prefers to be called Nikki. She is another main character and an Adventure Camp camper at Camp Campbell. She was originally a Flower Scout.

There are hints that her mother, Candy, may have lied to her about what type of camp she was going to attend.

At one of the shortest people at camp, she has to do more to get noticed. Luckily, Nikki is highly energetic and enjoys the action-packed eccentricity of the camp.

The show presents her as someone who enjoys dangerous things. On one occasion, she describes herself as an agent of chaos.

Cameron Campbell


Let’s finish off the list of Camp Camp characters with the main antagonist from seasons 1 to 3. He was not part of the fourth season. Serving as the founder of Camp Campbell, he is an internationally wanted criminal, con-artist, and at one point, he became the Prime Minister of Thailand.

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