Famous Short People – Who Are The Shortest Celebrities?

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When you think of celebrities, the adjectives you come up with include beautiful, talented, sexy, amazing, stunning, and so on. Rarely someone says short. But the amount of famous short people in Hollywood is astonishing.

Now, we have to define short. We are not talking about midgets here. But generally, people who are 5 feet tall and a few inches.

Some of the biggest celebrities are five feet tall. You do not believe us? Go down the list to see some of the shortest people in Hollywood.

Peter Dinklage – 4’4”

peter dinklage
Photo: pinterest.com

Peter might be the most famous midget in Hollywood. And his role in Game of Thrones certainly helped his popularity and reputation.

Born with dwarfism, Peter never gave up on his dream to become an actor. Dinklage studied acting at Bennington College and started in amateur stage performances during his student days.

And once he finished his studies, Peter went on to give spectacular performances in The Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men, and of course, Game of Thrones.

He has won three Emmy Award statues for his performance in Game of Thrones. Oh, and he has a Golden Globe Award as well.

Danny DeVito – 4’10”

denny devitto
Photo: twitter.com

Talking about some of the short celebrities in Hollywood, we cannot ignore DeVito. At 4 feet 10 inches, Danny is in the midget category.

But the comedian is on top of the list of famous celebrities. Granted, he earned his popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. Who can forget his movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Those two were amazing in Twins.

He was diagnosed with Fairbank’s disease, which affected his bone structure as he got older. But that helped him come out of his shell.

In one interview, DeVito said, “It all worked out for me. We all have these little things, our insecurities about ourselves. My height and my demeanor. I am little around the edges. I was always a little shy about it. So, you can be insecure, as long as you are not an asshole”.

Lady Gaga – 5’1”

lady gaga
Photo: pinterest.com

Lady Gaga can get away with her height because most fans are amazed by her live performances. You do not even think of her as a short girl. After all, she wears those huge high heel shoes.

The new queen of pop is one of the most famous short people and singers in the US. Most fans do not notice her height because of the freakishly tall heels.

Iconic during the 2000s and 2010s, Gaga is one of the rare singers that also acts. Her performance in A Star is Born is just out of this world.

Lil Kim – 4’11”

lil kim
Photo: twitter.com

Lil Kim is true to her stage name. The hip-hop artist has a small body but big presence. When she appears on stage or anywhere else, she just captures the whole attention.

You can say she is a Big Girl in a small body. We just love her.

Reese Witherspoon – 5’2”

reese witherspoon
Photo: pinterest.com

One of the reasons why people do not consider Reese short is because of her movie roles. She appears mostly in teenage movies and romantic comedies. And there, they place her next to some tall and handsome boy.

Witherspoon admits she had to go through some challenges during her career. The Legally Blonde star says people talked about her in the beginning. In one interview, she said, “When I first came here, all I heard was, No, not right, not tall enough, not pretty enough. But I didn’t care about their opinions. I am stubborn”.

Prince – 5’3”

Photo: pinterest.com

Prince is one artist that didn’t shy away from admitting he is short. But he had a way to cover it up. Similar to Lady Gaga, Prince had an extravagant style and often wore outfits that make him look taller. And he wore high heel shoes as well.

He admits he was self-conscious about his height and not being tall enough. But that didn’t stop him from growing into one of the most memorable and iconic singers of all time.

The creative and productive music star wrote thousands of songs. Fun fact: he wrote more songs than The Beatles together. He wanted to become a musician from a young age like his parents before him.

Prince wrote his first song at the age of seven. And since then, he continued giving people amazing performances. How can you forget Purple Rain or Kiss? Those are two iconic songs right there.

Ariana Grande – 5’2”

adriana grande
Photo: pinterest.com

Do you notice a pattern here? Some short singers wear heels to cover up for their height. Ariana Grande is another popular that we often see on very high heels.

She became famous at a young age. But she didn’t grow afterward. But she has no problem with her height. Ariana often tweets and talks about her height. Embracing your shortcomings is the best way to overcome them, right?

Pablo Picasso – 5’4”

Photo: pinterest.com

When we talk about famous short people, we have to mention some people from the previous centuries. Picasso was the creator and founder of the 20th-century movement known as Cubism.

Fun fact: at the time, not everyone knew he was a short man. We have to admit, the average height in Europe at the time was 5 feet 6 inches. So, Picasso was almost average.

But when you compare him to modern men, he is a short person.

Nicki Minaj – 5’2”

Photo: twitter.com

Fun fact: Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande are the same height. The two stars have collaborated on a couple of songs. And as you can see, the two are the same height.

Nicki might not be as huge as an anaconda (her hit song), but she is a beautiful woman. Many view Nicki as a living Barbie doll. Smaller than most female rappers, Nicki has a personality that overpowers her height.

Kristen Bell – 5’1”

Kristen Bell
Photo: pinterest.com

Kristen is another beautiful yet short actress in Hollywood. She brought Veronica Mars to life in her amazing portrayal of the young adult character.

The biggest problem for Kristen is her husband. He is 6’2”, making her unable to mask her short stature when the two appear at a red carpet event. But she doesn’t have to.

Kristen has embraced her body and loves her height and body. That is one reason fans love her. She is genuine in everything she does. If there is one actress that owns being short, that is Kristen. That has helped her land a couple of petite roles.

Natalie Portman – 5’3”

natalie portman
Photo: pinterest.jp

Fun fact: Natalia won the role of Jane in Thor movies because of her height. At least that is what she believes in. She says, “I was mainly cast in the role because I can make anyone look huge when they stand next to me. I am extraordinary short. They usually had a ramp for me to walk up so I couldn’t land somewhere near his face”.

We definitely love Natalia and her roles. Thor is her latest appearance, but she was great in other movies as well.

Kevin Hart – 5’5”

kevin heart
Photo: pinterest.com

Compared to other people on this list, Kevin might even look and seem tall, right? Well, he is one of the shortest actors in Hollywood. And he has no problem with that. The comedian loves telling jokes about his height. And that is what makes his personality shine.

People have always made fun of Kevin and his short stature. And when you see him next to his friend and colleague Dwayne Johnson, the picture is just hilarious.

But Kevin says, “I am beyond confident. I am confident in who I am. I am confident in the person that I am, I think I am sexy”.

Charlie Chaplin – 5’5”

Photo: pinterest.com

There is probably something about great comedians and their height, right? Charlie Chaplin and Kevin Hart are the same height.

And both of them grew into the best comedians of their time. When it comes to Chaplin, you might get fooled because of his high hats and suits with vertical stripes. But those are just some tricks to make the actor and comedian look taller.

But at the time, he was one of the shortest people on the set. Chaplin made the silent film popular, and we love him for it. He is iconic and will live forever.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – 5’ and 5’1”

ri kateand ashley
Photo: pinterest.com

The Olsen twins left their mark in many industries. They got famous as actresses and then moved into the fashion world. When you talk about Hollywood elites, you have to mention their name.

Ashley is an inch taller than her sister.

Robert Downey Jr. – 5’8”

robert downey
Photo: instagram.com

Did you know Robert Downey Jr. had to wear platform shoes while filming Avengers? And that is because of his taller colleagues and co-stars.

And during red carpet events, the famous actor sometimes wears stomper boots to give an impression of a taller person.

Yuri Gagarin – 5’2”

Photo: picuki.com

It is time for some historic short people. We have to mention the first man in space. He was actually short. Unlike his American counterparts, the Russian astronaut was not as tall.

But the good thing was height limitations in Russia in the 1960s were much more lenient than those in the US. NASA imposed different rules.

That is how Yuri got into the Russian Space Program despite being only 5’2”.

Mahatma Gandhi – 5’4”

Photo: pinterest.com

Gandhi didn’t need height to ignite freedom across the world. Considered one of the most humble men in the world, Gandhi is a peace activist that helped India become independent. And he did it without firing a single bullet.

Harry Houdini – 5’4”

harry houdini
Photo: pinterest.com

Houdini could make any illusion look and feel real. That is probably how he made people believe he was taller than he actually was. Famous for his astounding escape acts, Harry earned the moniker The Handcuff King.

Houdini would travel the world and challenge the local police to lock him in jails and then escape from them.

Napoleon Bonaparte – 5’6”

Photo: pinterest.com

Let’s finish our list of famous short people with the man who started everything. The Napoleon Complex comes from Napoleon Bonaparte, the French leader, and military strategist.

He wanted to be taller. He thought world leaders do not fear him because of his short height. So he constantly wore heels and pads to mask his height.

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