The Cutest And Most Adorable Anime Ships – Who Do You Love?

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You cannot have anime shows with only action and style. You need to have a bit of romance there as well. And in the past several years, romance has defined the genre. Fans nowadays watch anime only if there are interesting couples. With that in mind, who are some of the most adorable anime ships?

For many years, shounen anime has been popular for all varieties of anime decadence. You have everything, from insane animation to complement its fights, magic systems, imaginative worlds, and everything else you can think of.

But anime doesn’t get enough credit for its romance. In anime, romance is used to tease the distant future for some characters and comic relief. Not many fans take it seriously, but there are elements of romance in the anime community just enough to fill out the gaps.

Today, we will look at some of the best anime couple relationships. Let’s go.

Ban and Elaine

ban n elaine

These two appeared in The Seven Deadly Sins. Fans loved their killer relationship. While the anime was not a masterpiece in the animation department, the romance was good enough.

The show exceptionally portrays two characters. Elaine and Ban are so different, yet drawn to each other.

Ben is an edgy guy falling for a frail fairy Elaine. Throughout the show, he never gives up on her. And he makes sure to go the extra mile to save his loved one. That is why the fandom loves this popular anime couple.

Meliodas and Elizabeth


Here is another romantic couple from The Seven Deadly Sins. Premiering as one of the most hyped and adrenaline-pumping fantasy series. Princess Elizabeth and Meliodas had a great relationship, starting from the moment they shared a look.

The two share a nice and sincere relationship. Sadly there are political turmoil and demons out there. Yet, this romantic couple always hopes for a happy ending.

Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo

Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugo

These two appeared in My Hero Academia. They are perfect for each other and share so many little and adorable moments. Kirishima and Bakugo handle and complement each other perfectly.

Many fans call them Kiribaku, and they consider them the best anime ship out there. Bakugo has respect for Kirishima, something he doesn’t have for everyone else.

They have been close from the moment they first met and have had a bromance ever since. They are always together and share mutual respect and romantic feelings.

Yuuko and Teiichi

yuuko and teiichi

Love transcends both life and death. And in the anime Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, we see it in the best possible way through the eyes of Yuuko and Teiichi.

They start in a haunting setting that becomes the foundation for some of the unforgettable pair-up in anime history. Teiichi is a schoolboy who meets ghost girl female character Yuuko and learns of her past and how she died.

Raku and Chitoge


For many years Nisekoi was one of the best anime shows out there. And it was famous because it offered much more than just guys fighting each other. This fun romcom focused on a story similar to the one of Romeo and Juliet.

Same as the Italian couple, Raku and Chitoge come from competing, gang families. But they decide to end tensions by having their heirs form a fake relationship.

But as in most cases, their fake relationship grows into a real one with lots of romantic feelings and affection.

Bokuto and Akaashi

Bokuto and Akaashi

This favorite ship is one of the cutest. And it is fun as well. Akaashi cannot handle Bokuto’s emo mode, but they form a wholesome bond.

They have true love as we would say. Bokuto respects and admires Akaashi. And on the other hand, Akaashi knows so much about Bokuto.

Haru and Shizuku

Haru and Shizuku

As we know, in life, opposites do attract. In the anime My Little Monster, we find out that to be true. Shizuku is on top of her class while Haru is the troublemaker who rarely shows up to class. And in the end, the two form a great romantic relationship.

And their love story starts unusually. It all starts when Haru has to deliver some papers to Shizuku.

Despite the rumors about his violent side, fans see his gentle side when he is around Shizuku. Fans often say that anime is about bringing together two outcasts and making them work. And we have exactly that with this popular anime couple.

Deku and Ochaco


Here is another anime relationship from My Hero Academia. It is one of the biggest anime ships in the modern era of Shonen anime. They have adorable and awkward tension between them. Two high school sweethearts, with a constant well of dependability and strength.

Isn’t that what love is about?

Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Katsuki


Victor knows Yuri has flaws. But even then, he wants to help him. Yet, he doesn’t know how to do it. They have such amazing chemistry.

It is one of the best ships in anime, coming from the Yuri!! On Ice anime.

Saito and Louise


The anime Zero No Tsukaima features a magical academy and magical romance. Everything starts when Louise finds herself an abject failure in her magical studies. But her spell-based explosions lead to something else, something more beautiful.

Because she is bad at her craft, she earns the nickname Louise the Zero. And in her attempt to summon a familiar as part of her curriculum, she summons a normal Japanese boy who she treats like a servant.

Gradually, they move into something sweeter, and over time, they become one of the most adorable anime relationships.

Yuu and Haruka

yuu haruka

These two have been buddies since middle school. Thanks to the anime Sakura Trick, we get to see a graceful lesbian budding romance.

Neither of the two wants the romantic relationship to become a thing of the past. Their first kiss draws them together and deeper, and they continue to explore their bond.

By the end of the television series, we see them resolving their emotional differences and accepting they have a thing for each other.

Kousei and Kaori


Your Lie in April has some of the most beautiful romance stories. It starts with Kousei Arima, a young pianist who became disillusioned from ever touching a piano again after the death of his mother. But then he meets lively and caring Kaori, a flourishing artist who became even more inspired to follow her dreams.

The best part is these two constantly motivate and encourage each other. Both of them need the other to make their dreams come true. And that results in the cutest anime couple.

Sebastian and Ciel

Sebastian and Ciel

Some fans love this ship and others do not. After all, it is a controversial relationship. Ciel is a little boy while Sebastian is an adult.

The age gap is cute and awkward at the same time. It is not a bad ship, but it is a controversial one. And fans are split in half whether they like it or not.

Izumi and Ryouma


The show starts with a plot around show business. But it then moves in another direction thanks to Izumi and his family. He is an inspiring manga author trying to manage personal aims and the demands placed on him by his family.

The manga series defines same-sex relationships positively.

Kuroo and Kenma


In this romantic anime, we see Kuroo as the only one who truly understands Kenma. He is Kenma’s emotional support and physical support. It is just amazing when you find someone who fulfills that role in your life.

And as we do with movies and television series, we often relate to the characters. And these two are characters that you absolutely love to relate to.

Vegeta and Bulma


Here is the Dragon Ball relationship we love. For many years, Dragon Ball has been one of the most popular anime series. There have been many anime ships throughout the years.

We opted for the tense and eccentric dynamic between anime characters Vegeta and Bulma from the many relationships. Remember, Vegeta is the self-important Prince whose arrogance cuts more than his chops. And Bulma is a loud-mouthed and strong-willed female protagonist.

Yuki and Zero


Maybe they were inspired by Twilight. But this Japanese manga series features the cutest anime couple between a human and a vampire.

In the show, Yuki Cross tries to keep people and vampires apart. And on her journey, she encounters a former human-turned vampire, Zero. They fall in love despite their forbidden relationship.

And unlike Twilight, this show tries to make Zero a human again. But similar to the popular movie saga, the vampire struggles in the temptation of drinking her blood. And they too have a child together.

Eren and Mikasa


These two appear in one of the best anime series. Attack on Titan is a series that has made fans worried about being attached to anything. Just when you think there is solid and safe ground, there is a conspiracy that knocks you off your feet.

But despite everything happening in the world, love interests thrive. And the most beautiful among them is the love story between Eren and Mikasa. The two kids have lost so much and would absolutely break if not for the love between them.

Think of it as intimacy in tragedy.

Naruto and Hinata


Let’s finish off our list of anime love stories with a favorite ship that surprised fans. Naruto teased some attraction between Naruto and Sakura. But then, it took a huge left turn and paired the boy with his humble stalker, Hinata.

And the series was better for it. Their relationship is built on great mutual interest.

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