Prank Call Ideas – Have Fun With Some Silly Calls

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Nobody wants to be on the receiving ends of a prank call. It is one of the most annoying things in the world. Yet, some people even laugh when they get on the receiving end of some of these prank call ideas. These pranks can get people laughing when there is nothing better to do.

If you are tired of some old jokes, let’s try and get some new ones into your arsenal. Prank calls are among the most common fun activities we do for having fun. And they are even better when you have a group of friends over.

It is very important to choose the right person for the funny prank. Be careful not to offend the victim and land in trouble. With that in mind, we have some amusing prank call ideas and funny jokes. Let’s take a look.

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Things To Remember Before Making A Phone Prank

Let’s revisit some of the rules for a prank call. Keep these in mind before you make the call.

  • Make your number private
  • Call using a free web messenger
  • Plan out the story and your character
  • Make sure you call a person who will not take it too personally
  • Write down the script and even rehearse your dialogue before making the call
  • Disguise your voice and change your accent to go unidentified
  • Refrain from laughing while you are performing the prank
  • Refrain from recording the conversation
  • In the end, understand that pranks must be funny and not harassing and offensive

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some fun prank calls.

You’ve Won Tickets

We all want to win something for free, right. Your friends might get mad for doing this, but it is a fun way to play with somebody. So, how do you do it?

Simple, call a friend and pretend you are calling from a local radio station. Make sure to call the person by his full name, so that you sound more serious and authentic.

Tell them they have won tickets for their favorite band, artist, or a sports event. But they have to answer a question correctly. And then, ask some silly question. Here is an idea, “If a cow laughed real hard, would milk come out of her nose”.

If and when they respond, tell them wrong answer and they didn’t win the tickets.

Why Did You Call?

It is a fun and easy joke to pull on anyone. Simply call your friend and ask why do they called you. They will deny it and might get angry eventually.

But you should continue with your story asking them why do they called you. And eventually, you might call them from different numbers and repeat the procedure again.

The Pizza Place Prank


This is a common prank people do to a point it might not get funny anymore. But hey, try it. Simply call Pizza Hut and ask for the phone number of Domino’s. And when they give you the number if they do, call Domino’s and ask for the number of Pizza Hut.

There is a different way to prank and confuse Pizza Hut. Call up the Pizza Hut outlet and describe the best pizza and flavor you have tried. Keep the conversation descriptive. Define the pizza and keep it more vividly as you can.

And then, after you keep them busy, ask if that pizza is available at Domino’s.

Is John There?

Call any of your friends and ask for John. You can use any other name you want, but make it a common one. For example, Robert, Michael, James, and more.

It is obvious that the person might not be there. Call the victim several times per day to annoy them.

Scorned Lover

This might get dangerous, but you should try it. Call your friend and tell them that you love them and miss them. When they ask who is calling, act upset, and ask how many people call them to tell them they love them.

Your friend will get super confused, but you should continue playing along. If you can fake cry, you can make the prank call even better.

Who Are You? Who Am I?

It is one of the oldest prank call ideas. Call any wrong number and ask how they are, how is life, what is happening, what is their dog doing. These pranks usually remain a classic.

If the other person plays along, ask them about their day and other common questions. If nothing else, you have made someone happy by calling them to ask how they are.

Random Scary Statements

If you want to scare someone, just call them and say random things like “I’ve been watching you”. Any dramatic statement will do the trick here. Annoy them over and over again.

If you know the person well, you can also use some personal records or personal history.

The Old Refrigerator Running Joke

We have to include this practical joke for argument’s sake. It is an old one and most people know it by now. But let’s revisit it.

You call someone and enquire if their refrigerator is running. If they reply “yes”, then tell them “Hurry, get hold of it before it runs away” and hang up immediately.

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Would You Rather Free Trip Or Cash?

Call a friend or random number and pretend you are an executive or worker from a leading travel website or agency. Speak fast about the company and introduce yourself as someone important. Congratulate the person for winning a coupon and a surprise award.

The award is either a trip to an attractive foreign country or cash. See what they answer. This way, you can see what your friends will choose.

You Are Out Of Toilet Paper

Here is another classic prank call idea and prank call joke. You just call your friend and act like you are calling from one of their rooms. Tell them you are stuck in the bathroom and you need toilet paper since the rolls in your room ran out.

Any Messages For Me?

This is a classic way to prank people. Call a random person and ask for a random person, let’s say, Jim or John. The person on the other side might probably say “wrong number” and hang up. In most cases, that is what happens. Do it a few times, and then call the same number and introduce yourself as Jim or John. Ask if there were any messages for you.

Can You Give Me An Advice?

This is a prank call to test your storytelling skills. Pick up a random number and start describing your fake problem. See if the person on the other side can come up with an advice for your issues.

It is up to you to keep the story going.

I Am Pregnant

There is no better way to prank a man than to call as a woman and announce your pregnancy. Call any person, and as soon as they pick up the phone, tell them, “I have some bad news, I am pregnant”.

Just be careful, try not to ruin a happy relationship with a possible affair.

The Mobile Operator Prank

This classic funny joke will get your friend confused. Dial his number or any random number, and pretend you are from the mobile operating company.

Say you called for the monthly or annual mobile phone checkup. Ask them to repeat whatever you say to confirm the phone is operational.

And then you can have fun with any random funny statement and funny phrase.


Fake Surveys

Among the common and classic free prank calls, the survey plank is definitely a good one. It is a hilarious way to keep the person engaged in the call.

You can ask questions like “Have you ever tried rabbit ears”, “Did you watch the last episode of Jackass”, and so on.

Adult Toy Store Prank

Most people watch adult movies. But hardly anyone admits it. While we all have our fantasies, you can try to make your friends go nuts.

Call your friend and pretend you work in an online adult toy store. Tell them that their booking has been confirmed and the toys will be shipped to their address. You can ask for the address to confirm.

If they hang up, you can even send a confirmation message to their mobile phone.

Play Music

How many of you hate it when they have to listen to music while being put on hold? Well, it is definitely one of the more annoying things.

This free prank plays with that idea. Call someone and say absolutely nothing. You just play some music on the phone.

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