Rachel Weisz’s Sexy Photos – Hot Photos Of Real-Life Bond Girl

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Her full name is Rachel Hannah Weisz. Born in March 1970 in London, the British actress is famous for portraying righteous and smart characters. For example, for her portrayal of Tessa Quayle in the political thriller The Constant Gardener, she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. As the wife of Daniel Craig, she is the real-life Bond girl. Let’s take a look at some Rachel Weisz sexy photos.

Rachel Weisz has had quite an interesting life. She began acting on the British stage and on television in the early 1990s. It wasn’t until 1994 that she made her film debut in Death Machine. She has won a Critics Circle Theatre Award for her role in the 1994 revival of Design for Living.

In 1999, she made her big Hollywood breakthrough in the movie The Mummy, portraying Evelyn Carnahan. She reprised her role in The Mummy Returns and then starred in movies like Enemy at the Gates, About a Boy, Constantine, The Fountain, and The Lovely Bones.

Some of her accolades include a Golden Globe Award, an Oscar, a Laurence Olivier Award, and a British Academy Film Award.

She was engaged to filmmaker Darren Aronofsky from 2005 to 2010. They have a son together. Then, in 2011, she got married to actor Daniel Craig. With the popular James Bond actor, she has a daughter. In 2011, Rachel became a naturalized US citizen.

Her latest role includes an entrance into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She portrayed Melina Vostokoff in the latest MCU movie, The Black Widow. She was an assassin tracking Natasha Romanoff, known by her moniker of Iron Maiden.

And once you get into the Marvel Universe, it is the ultimate stamp of approval of your sexiness. With that in mind, let’s look at the best Rachel Weisz sexy photos.

Chic Girl

Photo: pinterest.com

Rachel has done a couple of photoshoots in the past several years. And each is sexier than the previous one. You just cannot ignore her sex appeal. This British girl is just amazing in anything she does.

Real Life James Bond Girl

Photo: pinterest.com

We have to admit, this picture looks like she has auditioned to be a Bond girl. But she is one in real life. Being married to Daniel Craig brings several benefits. For one, you can play the iconic role many women desire in real life.

Rachel in Stockings

Photo: pinterest.com

We said before that every photo session she brings it. Photographers love her. Why? Because she has a certain way of playing with the camera and making sure you get amazing pictures. And how can you not love a beautiful woman like Rachel?

Elegant Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

We said being married to Daniel Craig has certain perks. Rachel is a successful actress in her own world. But as part of the wife of Daniel Craig, she always accompanies the famous actor on red carpet events. This is one event where she went by herself, and she rocked it. That dress is sexy and elegant at the same time.

At The Red Carpet

Photo: pinterest.com

We mostly see Rachel Weisz’s sexy pictures in a black outfit during her photo sessions. But as you can see, she can look amazing in some vibrant colors as well. That dress looks tailor-made for the British actress.

Provocative Photo Shoot

Photo: pinterest.com

Do you see why photographers love actress Rachel Weisz? Just look how natural and amazing she looks posing in this photo. And it looks provocative and adorable at the same time.

Sexy Dress

Photo: pinterest.com

We had a picture of Rachel in this dress but from behind. Now, let’s take a look at it from the front. Her beautiful cleavage takes the center stage. See how confident she looks while walking on the stage in her sexy dress.

Rachel Weisz Bikini Photo

Photo: pinterest.com

Remember, Rachel was born in 1970. This picture was taken when she was in her late 40s, proving to girls and women all around the world that age is just a number. For the famous actress, it looks like she can easily compete with younger celebrities in Hollywood. That black bikini looks stunning on her. But all of that exercise and a healthy diet pay off.

Rachel Bunny

Photo: pinterest.com

This photo was from a magazine photoshoot. No, it is not Playboy magazine. But hey, Rachel can certainly pull off the bunny look, right?

Young Rachel Weisz

Photo: pinterest.com

Let’s take a look at Rachel Weisz’s young photo. As you can see, she was a sex bomb in her younger years. And she is still among the most beautiful and sexy women in Hollywood. This woman hasn’t aged a bit.

Glowing At The Red Carpet

Photo: pinterest.com

We continue the list of Rachel Weisz’s sexy photos with one of her most beautiful outfits for the red carpet. Rachel is a woman that glows naturally. But when she wears a dress like this one, she looks even more amazing. She is the Golden Girl of Hollywood.

Rachel Weisz Underwear

Photo: pinterest.com

We had Rachel Weisz’s bikini photo. Now let’s take a look at a photo session she did for an underwear collaboration. Rachel is a woman that can look amazing in anything you put her in.

She has the body, smile, and charisma to pull off any look.

In Love

Photo: instagram.com

We would love to finish the list with a hot photo of Rachel and her husband Daniel Craig. The couple looks in love every time they step out in the public. Definitely one of the more adorable couples in Hollywood.

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