Sofia Vergara No Makeup – Latino Star Shines In Everyday Photos

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Born Sofia Margarita Vergara Vergara in July 1972, Sofia is a Colombian and American actress and model. The Colombian actress was the highest-paid actress in American television from 2013 to 2020 thanks to her appearance in Modern Family.

In the show, she is always dressed up and with makeup. In one scene she even says she arrives late so that everyone can praise her beauty. But in reality, the American actress can often be seen without any makeup.

Have you seen some of the Sofia Vergara no makeup photos?

Rise To Prominence

Sofia Vergara rose to prominence while co-hosting two television shows for the Spanish-language network Univision in the late 1990s.

She didn’t get a notable acting job in English up until the mid-2000s. Her first notable English-speaking job was for the movie Chasing Papi in 2003.

Then, she appeared in the movie Four Brothers in 2005 and the comedies Meet the Browns in 2008 and Madea Goes to Jail in 2009. For the latter, she received an ALMA Award nomination.

And then in 2009, Sofia got the role of a lifetime. She portrayed Gloria Delgado Pritchett in the ABC comedy series Modern Family. For that role, she has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award four times. She also received a nomination for Primetime Emmy Award four times.

Besides portraying Gloria Pritchett, the natural beauty found time in the 2010s to appear in a couple of movies. Some of them include The Smurfs, The Three Stooges, Machete Kills, Fading Gigolo, Chef, Hot Pursuit, and Happy Feet Two.

Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photos

Do you want to know how does Sofia Vergara look without makeup? Well, we have a couple of photos that will show you exactly that.

Gloria from Modern Family is a Colombian-American actress, television producer, and model. You can also see her as one of the judges in the popular reality TV show, America’s Got Talent. She charms everyone with her wits and charms. Her movie stints and interviews are a delight to watch.

But today, we will talk about something different. Let’s take a look at the best Sofia Vergara no makeup photos.

Angry Face

sofia vergara no makeup

Who knows what made the Modern family actress so angry here? It doesn’t matter. This is one of the most popular Sofia Vergara no makeup photos you can find on the Internet. We love it, and Sofia doesn’t mind people sharing it.

Loving Dogs


If you didn’t know, Sofia Vergara is a huge dog person. She loves dogs. And every now and then, they appear on her Instagram account. Here you can see the famous Colombian actress chilling at home with her puppy.

Sexy Without Makeup


It is a special talent to look sexy without makeup. And that is one talent Sofia definitely possesses. Not many women can look beautiful withouFamilymakeup on.

Eating On The Go


Spoiler alert, we will have a lot more photos of the Modern Family star eating while on the go. If you want to see her natural beauty without makeup picture, a lot of them will include the actress eating. They are some of the most popular paparazzi photos of the Columbian actress.

Beautiful Girl


As we said before Sofia has a special talent for looking amazing while wearing no makeup. Just look how beautiful she looks in this picture. Her face is amazing.

Full Mouth


We said before that there will be a lot of photos with Sofia eating. Maybe it’s because she is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time to sit and eat relaxed. As a celebrity, she tries to find every second and use it wisely.

Sleepy Face


Most women remove their makeup when they go to sleep. Sofia is the same. You can hardly find a woman sleeping with makeup on. And in that spirit, one of the best without makeup photos of Sofia is her makeup-free selfie while getting ready for sleep.

In the morning, of course, she starts her beauty treatment.

Going To The Gym


At least here she is eating something healthy. You have to prepare your body for the workout regime. Your body needs fuel for exercise. And while going to the gym, Sofia uses the time to eat on the go.

Gym Time


What makes Sofia so amazing is her ordinary look while strolling through the city. This is what she wears to the gym. Nothing fancy.

Breakfast In Bed


You can say Sofia looks almost unrecognizable in this photo. But that is what makeup does. American actress Sofia Vergara is always trying to interact with fans and connect with them. She usually does it through her Instagram account.

Time For Bed


Here is another photo of Sofia getting ready to go to bed. What we love is her face looks amazing. You can tell she has a good beauty treatment routine. And that is how you get a beautiful face that shines.

Hello Everyone


In this photo, we can enjoy Sofia’s house. You can see it in the background. Greenery and a pool, it is definitely something we would all love to have in our home, right? And of course, Sofia with her bare face without any makeup.

Going Blonde


This is a recent Instagram photo of the famous Modern family actress. She often changes her hair color. But for the Oscar ceremony, she got back to blonde.

Getting Ready For A Glamorous Night


This might not be a photo without makeup. But we wanted to finish off the list with Sofia getting ready for the glamorous Vanity Fair Oscar party. Hope you enjoyed it.

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