Zendaya No Makeup – Spider-Man Star Without Makeup

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Born in 1996 as Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, she is an American actress and singer. Over the years, Zendaya has won many awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award.

Zendaya started her career as a child model and backup dancer. During the early 2010s, she got her breakthrough role, portraying Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel sitcom, Shake It Up. In 2013, she was also a contestant on the 16th season of the series Dancing with the Stars. 

For her role in the HBO drama series Euphoria, she won the Primetime Emmy Award, making her the youngest recipient of the accolade.

In the past few years, Zendaya is famous for her role in Spiderman movies and as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She appeared in all three Spiderman movies, starting from Spider-Man: Homecoming. In 2021, Zendaya appeared in the science fiction epic film, Dune.

As one of the most beautiful girls, she has been the face of different brands, including CoverGirl, Material Girl, X-Out, and Beats Electronics. And even when you look at Zendaya’s no makeup photos, you remain impressed.

In 2018, she ranked as one of the best-dressed women in the year. Zendaya is part of the generation of Disney stars including Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and others.

How To Copy Her Beauty Routine?

Speaking about her beautiful face, Zendaya says, “I find it therapeutic to give myself a facial and do all those extra steps: cleansing, cleansing with another cleanser, toning, spray, a sheet mask, a clay mask, and more”. So, if you are looking for some makeup ideas, try her routine.

You can see her skin is nothing short of flawless. But you will be surprised her beauty routine includes cheap products.

The Euphoria star has an affordable skincare routine with cheap beauty products. Her big rule is to remove makeup before going to bed.

At night, she uses African Black Soap facial cleansing wipes, or some cleansing oil at an affordable price. After cleansing her complexion, she plans depending on the following day. If she has to go to an event or work, she puts on a face mask.

Heer makeup cleanser step is similar to everyone else’s, a toner. After toning, she gives herself a facial with all the extra steps.

But the big thing comes in the end. She makes sure to apply sun care. Stressing the importance of applying SPF, she has a couple of products to recommend.

Zendaya No Makeup Pictures

Yes, we have a lot of Zendaya no makeup photos. But it is important to note that the Hollywood actress is a big fan of makeup.

She says, “For me, applying makeup is a hobby. It eases my mind the same way someone else would enjoy painting. It is therapeutic, it calms me down”.

When she was young, she would experiment with her mother’s products. She says, “My mom had really old makeup that I’d play with. I’d try avant-garde stuff – crazy circles all over. We had a great time, but it was this cruddy ’80s makeup that had definitely expired”.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best Zendaya no makeup pictures.

Gorgeous Natural Beauty

Photo: pinterest.com

Remember, Zendaya is still a young woman. As such, she still hasn’t faced problems and issues like wrinkles. It is only logical to look amazing even with a bare face. In any case, here is a Zendaya no makeup picture showing she is a natural and gorgeous beauty.

Eating Outside

Photo: pinterest.com

This photo just proves Zendaya is human like most of us. There is no shame in paparazzi catching you with a slice of pizza outside. Who cares, she looks gorgeous even on paparazzi photos.

Young Zendaya

Photo: pinterest.com

This photo appeared on social media, and it went viral. Just look at how cute and adorable young Zendaya looks. Looking at her bare face, you just cannot help but notice how beautiful it looks. The young star is definitely one of the most beautiful women.

Strolling Through The City

Photo: pinterest.com

Moving on to some more recent pictures, here is one of Disney’s natural beauty walking around the city. Celebrities often leave their home without makeup on. It is up to the paparazzi to catch those photos.

Beautiful Selfie

Photo: pinterest.com

Zendaya is no stranger to sharing selfies on social media. This no makeup selfie is taken right out of her Instagram, where she often posts selfies to interact with fans and show them what she is doing. Absolutely gorgeous.

Hey There

Photo: pinterest.com

Here is another makeup-free selfie. As you can notice by the background, this one is probably in a no-makeup some other transportation. One of the reasons why fans love the young actress is her constant interaction with them on social media.

No Makeup Photo

Photo: pinterest.com

Here is another no makeup picture of the famous natural beauty actress. No matter how many of them we show, things will never change. She is absolutely stunning.

The One That Started It All

Photo: pinterest.com

This is one of the first Zendaya no makeup photos that appeared on social media. The famous actress shared it on her Instagram, and fans went crazy. It is great proof she looks beautiful without any makeup on. Her skin is just flawless.


Photo: instagram.com

The cast of Spider-Man is extremely close. After all, they spent a couple of years together filming the movies. And they are about the same age. Zendaya used this photo to congratulate the birthday of her colleague, Tom Holland.


Photo: instagram.com

We said Zendaya is known for her constant interaction with fans. Well, here is a recent photo of the actress thanking her fans on Instagram. They are her biggest support. Sometimes she posts on her Instagram story, others on her feed.

Baby Zendaya

Photo: instagram.com

We love seeing baby photos of celebrities, do you? Well, here is one of Zendaya as a young girl. You can she was always beautiful and keeps up the same energy to this day.

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