High School Stereotypes – How Many Do You Remember?

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We all see stereotypes in the movies. But the reality is they appear in real life as well. Today, we will talk about some high school stereotypes that most of us come across in real life. Yes, nobody likes stereotyping. But the reality is that these stereotypes appear, no matter if we like them or not.

Stereotypes are called stereotypes for a reason. A lot of people fall into one of these categories. And yes, you might fall into different categories as well.

Adolescent cliques are cliques that develop amongst adolescents. The word clique describes a group of 2 to 12, usually between 5 and 6 people who interact with each other more regularly and intensely than others in the same setting. With that in mind, let the madness begin so we can talk about some typical stereotypes in high school.

The Nerd

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This high school stereotype has become popular in the past several years. As technology continues to become a bigger part of our life, nerds have taken over. How do we define a nerd? Someone who would rather read a book, or a science magazine than go to the gym. This guy or girl also watches comic book movies, series, and reads comics. They are all about science, math, and similar subjects.

The Mean Girl

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Have you seen the movie Mean Girls? Well, there is a Regina George in every school. This is one of the most common high school stereotypes. This girl is hot, and every girl wants to be like her. Guys just want to be with her. And she knows she is hot. Because of her confidence, this Mean girl is one step ahead of everyone. Confidence is not something a lot of kids have in high school. Some use it for good, and some turn into Queen Bees.

The Overachiever

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Some might mistake this person for a nerd. But there is a difference. Yes, the overachiever enjoys science as much as the nerd. But this guy will stay longer in school to complete his science project.

And then, he will go to debate class and then swim class. This guy or girl does everything and excels in everything. The career path for these people is doctor, engineer, biology expert, or anything similar. But the downside is most of them have a mental breakdown in their 30s.

The Average Kid

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It is only fitting that we put the average kid right after the overachiever. Unlike the latter, the former is fine with getting average grades in school. This person gets some decent As, but most of his grades are Bs. Yes, they are good grades, but not like the overachiever. He loves gaming, movies, cartoons, and drawing, does decently at sports, and he is fine with that. He is not striving for something more. The average kid wears normal clothes, and there is nothing about him that stands out.

The Couple Who Is Always Making Out

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This is one common stereotype that most people hate. These couples look gross after a while. Like they are so clingy and boring. You can put them on any inspirational Instagram quote. They are lovey-dovey all the time. Do not worry, they might break up before college.

The Bro

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These are stereotypical high school guys. You love to hate them, but there is a problem. They throw some of the best house parties. That is why most people put up with their stupid sayings until they graduate. And after that, they rarely hang out with the bros. 

The Loner

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This guy can have friends if he likes it. But usually, the loner is an antisocial person who likes to keep a bubble of solitude. The loner is used to being ostracized. You can say it is partially his fault, but he is used to it by now.

The Artist

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Every school has one. Usually, they group together and come up with creative ideas. These people are dedicated to art and nothing more. They are deep, not entirely approachable, and usually hang between themselves. They rarely let anyone in. Bad news if you wanted to have a girl artist. You will have to try hard to get into her circle of friends.

 The Sexual Experimenter

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This guy or girl just loves to experiment with sex in high school. Their sex drive and sexual desire are different. One day they date a guy, and the next day they date a girl. They are just trying to figure out what works for them. Nowadays, it is not a big deal. But some 20 years ago, this group was one of the most scrutinized.

The Jock

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You are probably wondering what this term stands for. Well, it stands for a hyper-masculine boy that rules the school and the football team. Think of the hero in movies. That is the typical stereotype about this guy.

Horny Virgin

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Imagine Jim from American Pie. He has to touch a vagina and you can see he is going insane. It works both ways. There are horny female virgins as well. This guy or girl has hit the peak of sexual frustration. But yet, he is hesitant to approach someone he is interested in. You just have to help him. Help him/her achieve the dream of having sex. Only then they can break out of this stereotype and join some other high school stereotypical groups.

The Class Clown

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This is the guy with all the jokes. He has a joke for almost every situation. People love him for that. He might have issues at home or anywhere else, but he doesn’t mind it. He just tries to make people laugh.

Not many people have that type of attention-seeking attitude. This guy can come to class and act like an idiot for an hour and a half. How many people do you know like that?

The Anime Kid

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In the past few years, anime series and manga series have become popular in the US as well. They are no longer just a Japan thing. Anime and manga are amazing, and their fandom continues to grow.

The Emo

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You might say anime series are the reason for the rise of emo people in the US. And that might be correct. One thing anime is famous for is its emo characters. But these people are real and honest. They are the ones who fake depression. But the music they listen to is just amazing.

The Stoner

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You cannot have just one stoner. That is a rule. Stoner culture is a huge part of high school culture. These people believe that the source of solving all problems is by rolling a joint and smoking marijuana.

Whether that is true or not, that is their way of living. Stoners just want to enjoy life. Fun fact: they look like they are out of this world, but they can talk with you about anything. Just do not bring up a negative topic. It is all sunshine and good vibes.

The Badass

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Nobody tells this guy what to do. He does it because he thought it would be fun and crazy. The Badass is great at roasting people. That is music to his ears.

The Preps

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These high schoolers are wearing the hottest trends, they come to school in Mercedes Benzes and they cannot say any sentence without using the word “like”. No, they are not bad people. They just simply think about different things. For them, Instagram followers and social media trends are important.

The Floaters

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You cannot put these into any high school stereotypes group. Why? Because they just float. They go from one group to another. They can spend their lunch with the preps, and then smoke weed in the evening with the stoners. They are friends with everyone.

 The Gay Guy

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Homosexuality has become less taboo in recent years. That has opened the closet for more people to come out. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, there were only one or two gay guys in high school. Nowadays? There are a lot more. This guy stands out among the rest because he can be friends with all girls. He knows how to style their hair, pick out the right outfit, and even do makeup.

The Foreign High School Student

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The guy or girl from a foreign land is always interesting. Usually, these people are immigrants. They have an accent and wear clothes that you do not see nowadays. Once you become friends, you have to meet their family and try their authentic foreign food.

The Hipsters

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Let’s finish off the list with the people who wear glasses without lenses just because they can. The hipster culture has become quite popular in recent years. They do not follow trends, they make them.

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