11 Psychological Facts About Cheating Women – Why Do Women Cheat?

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We view women and wives as the foundation of the family. They are the glue that keeps everything and everyone together. But what happens when a nurturing, caring, and selfless woman starts cheating? Why do women cheat? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Men cheat as well, do not get us wrong. But today, we will look at the psychological facts about cheating women.

Are you worried that your female partner might cheat on you? Yes, cheating is very real and part of our lives. Thanks to the internet and the evolution of social media, it is now easier than ever to meet new people.

Catching your wife cheating might be the hardest situation for any man to experience. Why does it happen? Let’s try and understand some of the reasons and psychological facts about cheating women.

Understanding Women Infidelity

Before we get into the reasons why women cheat and the psychology behind it, let’s talk about female sexual infidelity. We need to stop the perception that only men cheat and women are faithful. Just ask yourself, who do men cheat with? Another woman, of course.

Psychology studies show that between 10 and 20 percent of men and women in marriage or committed relationship engage in sexual activity outside of their relationship.

If you consider the hidden infidelities thanks to social media, the number might be even higher. But what exactly constitutes women’s infidelity? Do you cheat if you look at porn? Do you cheat if you flirt on social media? Or what about having a profile on some dating websites, but you do not hook up in person?

Psychology experts usually define cheating as following, “infidelity is the breaking of trust occurring when you keep profound, meaningful secrets from your committed partner”.

This definition speaks to the basic element of cheating, and that is a betrayal of trust. No matter whether you engage in sexual activity or not, betrayal of trust is cheating.

And this definition includes both online and real-world sexual activity and other activities that are not sexual intercourse.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons why women cheat.

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Cheating Because of Revenge

Some wives simply have had enough of their husbands. Often, that is a cheating husband. And the best revenge is to mirror the behavior. Think of it, whatever you can do, I can do better.

Society even approves and supports women who cheat out of revenge.

Finding a Better Partner

It is just human nature. We all want something better in life. And when you fail to deliver it, your wife will try to look elsewhere.

Women have the urge to be with someone better than their husbands. Remember, women want different things in life. While some women might be quite satisfied with what you have to offer, others might want more.

And for women who get stuck into the married life of kids and chores, the urge for a better life definitely is there.

Emotional Cheating

As we said before, cheating is not only when you have sex with someone. Your cheating wife might have only an emotional affair.

That is a slow process of finding emotional support in the arms of another man. And if you do not react in time, that emotional infidelity can quickly grow into a sexual affair.

It is a slow process of investing feelings for someone other than your spouse and then having those feelings returned.

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She Wants a Divorce

Sometimes, women cheat as a way to get a divorce. You are probably not ready to put an end to the relationship and marriage. But after infidelity, you are more likely to accept things have run their course.

Women who have gone through an emotional extramarital affair and then evolved into sexual intercourse, finish it off with divorce papers. They want to be free to be with their new partner.

Inheriting Bad Habits

Here is a cool psychology fact for you. If a woman’s mother cheated, she is more likely to cheat as well. Studies show that women sometimes inherit their mother’s likelihood of having extramarital affairs.

Feeling Emotionally Deprived

Fun fact: many of the reasons why women cheat are tied up to their man and his behavior. If a woman feels emotionally deprived, they are more likely to cheat.

What constitutes as emotionally deprived? Well, their partner (you), makes them feel unattractive, unwanted and taken for granted.

Reduced Communication

Here is a great way to see whether your woman has the potential and desire to cheat. Faithful women talk to their partners on average at least 30 to 60 minutes per day. On the other hand, cheating women talk to their partners for just five minutes per day.

Communication is everything.

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Low Self-Esteem

Who doesn’t want to feel attractive? It is a man’s job to make his woman feel wanted. And if a woman has lower self-esteem, she will look for someone to increase her self-worth.

And an affair fuels her mentality that someone cares for her and wants to be with her. And that happens regardless of whether her partner provides emotional support.

Feel Overwhelmed by The Needs of Others

In many cases, women cheat because of their partners. But in some cases, they cheat despite their deep love for their man, home, and their life together.

Why is it? Because they feel overwhelmed by the needs of others. They feel they have to do and be all things to all people at all times. For them, extramarital sex is a way to relieve some stress.

Unreasonable Expectations

If you are a woman reading this, ask yourself, what do you expect from the primary relationships? The fact of the matter is, some women set unreasonable expectations and standards for their primary partner.

And when you fail to reach those standards, they seek attention from another place.

Lack of Satisfying Sex

Look, in these days, sex is very important. Psychology confirms it. Women want satisfying sex. They want to make love. Women enjoy sex as well.

And when they do not get the pleasure at home, guess what? They will find it somewhere else.

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Lack of Passion

For men, sex is more about the physical part. For women, it is all about passion and emotions. And when they lack passion in their relationship, they look for it elsewhere.

How to rekindle the passion in your relationship? Well, you can play romantic games, travel to a romantic place, and have an open and honest conversation.

Women And Cheating

Here are some quick psychological facts about cheating women. While men cheat with multiple partners, women do it with a single partner. For them, sex and affair is much more than a physical act. It is all about the emotional affair.

Nowadays, women spend more time online and on social media. So, they are more likely to find a partner online. And this is why many women have non-physical affairs. They simply flirt on social media.

How To Know If Your Wife Is Cheating?

Do you want to know the signs your wife is cheating? Here is how to tell.

  • She doesn’t respond to words of love, especially when you tell her “I love you”
  • She seems to look and glow differently and has more energy, these are physical signs of cheating
  • Your wife starts using more unnecessary beauty regimens and amps up her workout and exercise routine
  • Rejects your sexual advances because she is tired
  • Criticizes your shortcomings even more
  • Becomes secretive and acts weird when you are near her phone and computer
  • She has trouble maintaining eye contact with you
  • The general red flag is she starts dressing up differently, buys more daring and sexy clothes

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