Types Of Girls At School – Breaking Down The Common Stereotypes

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High school is a time we meet different people. There are many high school stereotypes. Today, we will talk about the types of girls at school. No matter where you went to school, or you are going to school, you will find at least a few of these types of girls at school. And you might even think of many more high school stereotypes. Some other high school girls, maybe? Let’s go and check them out.

The Know-It-By Heart

choir girl
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This girl knows all her hymns and prayers by heart. She is part of the school choir. And she doesn’t mind singing while walking on campus and at school.

The Hand Sanitizer Girl

hand sanit
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Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were people who were afraid of germs and viruses. Heck, Sheldon Cooper did it at a young age. This girl has hand sanitizer on hand. And she has it in different scents. Personal hygiene is a top priority for her.

The Gum Holder

gum holder
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We have seen this girl, right? And we all need one in our school. You can easily notice her by the swarm of people around her. Everyone wants to get gum after lunch. And this girl is a giving and caring person. She cannot say no. Who knows how much money she spends on supplying gums for the whole school?

The Athlete

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When you think of sports, you usually think of boys. But hey, girls excel at sports as well. This one, for example, plays nearly every sport. You can notice her by the jersey she wears during school hours. And she is not only playing, but also always talking about sports. And when you are in gym class, she is super competitive.

The Boy Hater

boy hater
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Some girls hate boys. There is a reason deep down. But it is always a different story. Girls that got their hearts broken early in their life, usually start hating on boys during high school. But sometimes, it is the education at home.

The Boy Lover

boy lover
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Let’s put these different types of girls at school next to each other – the one that cannot stop hating on boys, and this one, the one that cannot stop talking about boys. She talks about boys and her possible boyfriend all day long. She won’t even get the hint when you start rolling your eyes.

The Bi-Curious

bi curious
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When you live among so many girls, you might question your own sexuality. That is this girl. She is neither homosexual nor straight. She loves to experiment on both sides.

The One Who Always Has Braces

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Yes, a lot of people have braces. It is a normal thing to do. After all, we all need to take care of our dental hygiene. The important thing to remember about her is not to bully this girl. Support her journey.

The Girl Who Got A New Car

gril with car
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People are jealous of this rich girl. The boys want to drive her car. Girls want to be like her. Whether she is lucky or spoiled, this girl got a new car for her sweet sixteen from her parents. Not a lot of high school students can say that.

The Brainiac

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This kind of girl is highly intellectual and always has her nose in a book. She has won spelling competitions, math competitions, chemistry, and pretty much every intellectual contest. You know she will be among the most successful students in your class.

The Preacher

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Some women want to get married. This one, on the other hand, wants to become a nun when she grows up. She urges her friends to turn to Jesus as well.

The Proclaimed Lesbian

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We talked about the bi-curious, but this girl is something else. She knows she is gay and has no problem with her sexuality. She doesn’t mind expressing her feelings. Now, if it makes you uncomfortable, do not worry. Lesbians respect your boundaries.

The Gossip Monger

gossip girl
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This girl knows everything that is happening around school. She knows who dates who, who is in a romantic relationship with a professor, who is not a virgin anymore, and even who and where got his/her new haircut. Basically, the real Gossip Girl of high school.

The Proclaimed Slut

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This girl was among the first to get some under-the-top action. And now, everyone in the school knows about it.

The Try-Hard

try hard
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Those who have finished high school will tell you, it is not that hard. Graduation will come sooner than you expect. Many of us float through high school. We put only minimal effort. Not this girl. She is constantly putting her all into it. This girl can turn any one-page paper into a 6-page elaborate paper.

The Bum

the bum
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While many girls put maximum effort into make-up and style during high school, this girl just doesn’t care. She walks around in sweats, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. She might come dressed like that on picture day.

The Aeropostale Lover

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Yes, in middle school, everyone wears Aeropostale. It is a brand geared toward young adults. But this girl continues to wear trendy clothes in high school as well.

The Girl Who Is Stuck In High School

stuck in school
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This girl might not be in your class or generation. She might have graduated high school. But it feels like she never left. She continues hanging out with kids in high school. You can see her during a popular high school event.

The Committed One

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This lady found a boyfriend in one of her classes. He is now her soul mate. She wants to be in a committed relationship with him until the end of time. And she loves giving relationship advice to all other girls.

The Super-Hot Bombshell

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Every high school has a popular girl like this one. She is sexy as hell. You can be sure she can be a model. Boys wait outside the school just to catch a glimpse of her. Do not be jealous of her. High school is still a period where boys mostly look at looks. And this girl has it in abundance.

The Girl Who Got Her Period For The First Time

girl period
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Some females get their periods early in life. They think they know everything about it. And when a girl gets her period for the first time during high school, she wants to know everything.

The Gothic Girl

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The Gothic style is quite unique. Not many people can pull it off. Truth be told, high school is too early to be gothic. But this girl just loves it. You can spot her in a band tee, combat boots, and wearing black clothes. It might be a phase, but she wears it now.

The Rebel

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This girl just wants to do the opposite of what is considered the norm. Good luck trying to make her wear a longer skirt. She just feels the need to oppose society and its norms.

The Stylish One

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And then, you have this rich girl. She knows how to maintain dressing rules and make it look flawless. She can also be a model. Her style and fashion sense are impeccable. Her hair is always styled.

The Girl Hitting On Male Teachers

flirt teacher
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Yes, it is inappropriate to hit on teachers. But that doesn’t stop this girl from flirting and teasing teachers. She will go on and on about how attractive they are. A male teacher is her high school crush until graduation.

The Future Art Major

art girl
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This girl is almost always in the studio. She loves art classes. You can even see her carrying artwork around. Sometimes, during lunch breaks, she might sit down on campus and paint.

The Stereotypical Cheerleader

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We all know this type, right? Among the different types of girls at school, the cheerleader is the most common one. She is a peppy, skinny girl who loves to do splits. You might catch her wearing her boyfriend’s football jersey. Yes, she dates an athlete, nothing less.

The Sex Teacher

sex teacher
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Before you even have any sex classes, this young woman will tell you everything you need to know about it. She might even gross you out of sex with too much information. And yes, she has watched porn already.

The Bossy

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There are always bullies in high school. This girl is a bully and super bossy. She might continue doing it for the foreseeable future in her life.

The One Who Wants To Be A Queen

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There is always a Regina George. The Mean Girls movie showed us most of the types of girls at school and stereotypes. Let’s finish our list with the star of the movie and a prototypical popular girl, the prom queen. She strives to be the queen from the day she comes to school. And she will do anything in her power to achieve it.

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