Who Is The Blackest Person In The World? Find Out More!

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We have to admit that we live in a racist world. No matter how hard we try to improve the world, there will always be people saying words like nigger, nigga, and so on. For decades, colored people were viewed as inferior to their white counterparts.

We also have to admit that discrimination has been reduced. You can say it is being swept away thanks to the increased civilization all over the globe.

Nowadays, colored community members are receiving equal opportunities as others. And we embrace the unique beauty of black people more and more. You can see a black model on the runway, a black coach, and even a black President of the United States. Barack Obama promised a change, and he delivered.

Nowadays, the mystical charm of a black person is being appreciated more and more. Today, we will talk about the blackest person in the world. Who is he? Or she? Let’s see.

Getting To Know The World’s Blackest Man

Fun fact: the blackest person in the world is an anonymous man in Africa. His name hasn’t been verified yet. Maybe because there is no official Guinness world record for the blackest man in the world or the blackest woman in the world.

Nobody knows where is he from, or in what context he was found. What we do know is that his photo went viral on social media a few years ago.

The man has a very dark skin color and black eyes. Compare him to other residents of the black community, and his complexion is much darker.

Seeing that there is no official record from Guinness or any similar committee, we can assume the Internet found the blackest person in the world. Check him out in the viral video.

The Blackest Baby In The World

Photo: pinterest.com

There are many other unofficial records, like the world’s blackest baby. This case can also be for a competition. The blackest baby in the world was an adorable baby from South Africa. Again, it was made popular thanks to the Internet. Going viral, the photo showed a little human with very dark skin. Add the black eyes and lips, and you have a baby that looks almost entirely black.

The photo of the baby spread like fire on the Internet in 2015. Many were excited about the photo of a tiny coal-black funny baby appearing in pictures mainly in pink-colored clothes.

The baby was so dark, that even the whites of the eyes are indistinguishable in the photo. Many articles at the time commented that the reason was an excess of melanin, a natural skin pigment responsible for dark pigmentation.

The doctors at the time said there are no particular health risks for the little man. The newborn baby was quickly praised as the blackest person in the world.

Some skeptics, yet, thought that the color of the skin was due to Photoshop. But the famous boy, Edam, dubbed those conspiracy theories stupid.

At the same time, the reality is that African resident has hardly conquered the Internet since infancy.

World’s Blackest Woman

black woman
Photo: instagram.com

Let’s talk about another blackest person, this time, the blackest woman in the world. One of the best candidates for the “title” is Nyakim Gatwech. The African American model is a descendant of Sudanese people.

Nowadays, she lives in the United States and works as a professional model. She has deeply pigmented skin and determined eyes. The natural beauty never shies away from flaunting her skin in public.

This also encourages black people to appreciate her body features. Many of her fans call her Queen of Darkness.

And look at her social media account, and you will see how she views herself. Her motto is “black is bold, black is beautiful, black is gold. Don’t let American standards damage your African soul”.

Black Painted Man Stuntman Lucky Diamond Rich

Stuntman Lucky Diamond Rich
Photo: twitter.com

Now let’s talk about a man who painted his body entirely in black color. He may win the blackest man on Earth title. Stuntman Lucky Diamond Rich is a famous person from New Zealand. A member of the Caucasian race, he is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as a person covered in 100% black paint.

Lucky covered his body with 200% paint, applying color over black patterns.

The Darkest Model

Photo: instagram.com

Remember the world’s blackest woman? We have another one. Dubbed the Goddess of Melanin, Khoudia Diop is a famous black person. The Senegalese model received many colorful names from society.

Ever since her birth, she has been dubbed a beautiful black woman. Diop has more than 490k followers on Instagram.

Born in December 1996, Khoudia Diop is a Senegalese fashion model and actress. Because of her dark skin tone, she was teased as a child. After moving to Paris at the age of 15, her life changed. She was constantly approached with the suggestion of becoming a model.

Khoudia gave herself the nickname Melanin Goddess, alluding to her dark black skin and expressing pride in her appearance.

In 2016, Diop moved to New York City for college. There, she appeared in a campaign for The Colored Girl Project, which helped her gain popularity on Instagram. In just a few days, she went from 300 to 350,000 followers.

The Black Hanna Montana

Photo: instagram.com

Let’s finish the list of the blackest person in the world with Lola Chuil, who nicknamed herself the Black Hannah Montana. She is 18 years old, and her Instagram is full of empowering messages and self-love.

The American schoolgirl of African-Indian descent is dark enough to attract millions of attention in combination with the appearance of a young beauty.

Some even call her Black Barbie, Chocolate Star, new Naomi Campbell, and more. You can definitely say there is a bright future for this young black woman.

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