Georgie Pie Super Smash Winners List of All Seasons

Georgie Pie Super Smash is New Zealand’s official Twenty20 competition that’s held with teams from the country itself. The Georgie Pie Super Smash used to be known as the HRV Cup until 2014, and till that time the HRV Cup used to be the only domestic Twenty20 cricket competition.

Apparently, the HRV Cup was inaugurated back in 2006 and continued till 2014. Later on, one season of Georgie Pie Super Smash Twenty20 competition was held during 2014-15 timeline.

Georgie Pie Super Smash Facts

  • The first season of the Georgie Pie Super Smash was held in 2014-15.
  • Total 6 teams participate in the tournament. The teams are mostly the same teams from the HRV Cup tournament, however the titles have changed little bit.
  • Only one tournament had been held under the Georgie Pie Super Smash title, and Auckland Aces won the title.

Winner Team by Seasons

Since only one season had taken place, there’s nothing much to talk about the Georgie Pie Super Smash Twenty20 tournament. However, we’ll briefly describe the HRV Cup winners as well, which is technically the same tournament.

Georgie Pie Super Smash

Season 1 (2014-15)

Auckland Aces won the first Georgie Pie Super Smash Twenty20 Championship. They played against Otago. 166/6 in 20 overs is the score for Auckland Aces in the finals, whereas Otago Volts scored 146 runs for 9 wickets in 20 overs.

 HRV Cup Facts

Since HRV Cup turned into Georgie Pie Super Smash Twenty20 championship after 2014, we feel obliged to let our readers know about the whole season that had happened between the 2006 and 2014 timeline.

  • The HRV Cup had a double round-robin where the top four teams earned the right to play the semifinals.
  • 6 teams played HRV Cup like the Georgie Pie Super Smash Twenty20 tournament.
  • Auckland Aces has won 3 titles of this game.

Winners of HRV Cup; All Seasons

Here’s a brief description of the winners of HRV Cup of all seasons.

Season 1 (2005 – 06)

Canterbury Wizards was the first season championship title owner in HRV Cup. The venue of the first season final match was set at Eden Park Outer Oval at Auckland. Canterbury Wizards had won the match by 6 wickets, scoring 180/4 at 17.2 overs. Auckland Aces were the runners up.

Season 2 (2006 –07)

Auckland Aces had snatched the title for the second season of HRV Cup. The match was held at the same venue as the first season, Eden Park Outer Oval. Otago Volts competed against Aces and they were the runners up. Auckland Aces scored 211/5 at 20 overs.

Season 3 (2007 –08)

Third season of the HRV Cup was held at Pukekura Park at New Plymouth. Central District Stags became the champion of this third arrangement, and they have won by 5 wickets against Northern Knights. Central Stags had scored 150/5 in 16.3 over and Northern Knights had scored 148/8 in 20 overs.

Season 4 (2008 – 09)

Otago Volts became the winner of the fourth season of HRV Cup. The final game was held at University Oval, Dunedin. However, the game was washed out by rain and Otago Volts was determined winner by counting the group stage scores. Canterbury Wizards was the runner-up of the tournament.

Season 5 (2009 – 10)

Central District Stags won by 78 runs against Auckland Aces. The match was held at Pukekura Park at New Plymouth. Stags scored 206/6 in 20 overs.

Season 6 (2010 – 11)

Auckland Aces won by 44 runs against Central Districts Stags, the scores were respectively 158/8 and 154/9. Venue for the 6th season final was Colin Maiden Park, Auckland.

Season 7 (2011 –12)

Same event, same winner, only the runner up this time was Canterbury Wizards. Auckland Aces won by 44 runs and they had scored 196/5 at 20 overs.

Season 8 (2012 –13)

Otago Volts had won the championship title and they have won against Wellington Firebirds by 4 wickets. The scorecard is 145/6 at 18.3 overs for Otago Volts and 143/9 at 20 overs for Wellington Firebirds.

Season 9 (2013 –14)

The last season as HRV Cup, and the champion was Northern Knights against Otago Volts, winning by 5 wickets. The venue for this match was Seddon Park, Hamilton.


If you had been following the domestic cricket leagues around the world, there you have it. Hopefully the New Zealand tournaments have been able to please your knowledge thirts.

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