List of Top 10 Funny Pranks which you can Play with your Sister

Every relation holds a special place but a relation with a Sister is the most intricately knitted relationship. She is the one person who means the complete universe. Each yarn of this relation is beautifully crafted. She is the beacon when you are shrouded in darkness. A sister is the light when your spirits are down. She is also a shoulder to cry when some situations are not in your favor.

However, the bond with a sister can be more spice up with some funny pranks. It not only creates some memorable moments but also makes the connection stronger. However, the pranks must not harm anyone physically. So, following are the top ten funny pranks that you can play with your sister:

Funny Pranks Sister

10. Thermocol and Honey Prank

It is pretty obvious that your sister loves snow and just imagines her getting up early morning and looking like a snow gal. All you need is the little dash of honey to be applied as a pack on her face and when your cute sister is fast asleep, sprinkle some Thermocol balls nearby. When she gets up next morning, it will be all snowy on her face.

9. Oreo Biscuit with Toothpaste Prank

Every girl loves Oreo biscuits. So, what you need is a normal Oreo biscuit along with the special ones packed with the goodness of Colgate. Then, mix the special one with the original one and let her choose. Now, I hope you know what will happen next?

8. Ketchup Drink Prank

You can also give your dear sister a surprise of a drink so that she feels refreshing. All you need to do is to empty the bottle of the cold drink and fill it up with ketchup. Then, give it to your sister with a straw in it. After this offer your sister’s reactions will be awesome to see.

7. Insects inside the Bathrobe Prank

All the sisters take hours under a shower in the bathroom. But, after this prank, I bet she will not take that much longer time. You just need to keep a creepy spider inside her bathrobe and then see how loud she screams and ran.

6. Messing with her Food Prank

This is one of the famous pranks that you can play with your sister. It is a salty prank that is the best for beginning a day for her. The coolest way to play this prank is to wait for your sister to pour out her cereals and milk. Then, you have to do is to divert her mind by ringing her phone. The moment she rushes towards her phone, you can take an advantage of adding a large amount of salt in her food without letting her know.

5. Use of peanut butter

You can also put a small amount of Peanut Butter on the knob of her much-loved cabinet or drawer. This prank works best beneath the place or out of sight. I am sure that it will be a nice feel to her on the hands.

4. Adding shoe polish in sandals

You can also add a slight black shoe polish inside her black sandals or footwear. When she wears it, hope you remain far from her.

3. Plastic fruits

You can also put plastic made fruits that are available in the stores in the basket of real fruits. I bet she will not be able to differentiate it quickly and you can imagine what will happen next.

2. Raisins in the milk prank

When your sister is about to consume a warm drink, you might drop 2-3 raisins in it. They will go down to the bottom and she will have the last sip shock or a surprise.

1. Odd time setting on Alarm clock

You can hide numerous alarm clocks in her room with a setting of a 3AM alarm at a 5 minutes interval gaps. I am sure this will make you fully satisfy with your prank on your sister.

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