is a comprehensive and highly informative website, which touches all the top 10 topics related to a wide array of fields such as health, lifestyle, travel, technology, bizarre and anything else one can imagine. Therefore, it needs a privacy policy like any other website. At the same time, the users need to be aware of the fact that each and every website is requires a privacy policy as its indispensible part. The website gives a genuine overview of its privacy policy so that the users can be confident about accessing it.

Privacy Policy of

All the users of can learn about the privacy policy of the website and get all relevant information about it on the site itself. Here, they can also get answers to their queries regarding the website. The aim is to get across accurate and genuine information related to a variety of topics to the users, who place their genuine trust in us. The privacy policy of is available in a document form, which gives information about the content of the website along with the way it been used by the site,

DART Cookies and Log Files Usage

DART Cookies and log files have been used by to make sure that it supplies the right kind of information and learn how the users are accessing it. Cookies give detailed information about the number of times the users are accessing the pages of the site, along with information about the kinds of browsers they have employed for this purpose. DART cookies are to present different ads on the site. At the same time, there is an option for the users to invalidate these cookies. They can know details about cookie management as well as the web browsers. At the same time, the site uses log files, which maintains records about ISP, date and time details, web protocol and number of clicks on various pages. Both of them are used to throw light on user movement and market trends.