The 10 Biggest Time Wasters In Our Life – Time Management

In the present scenario, when the world is becoming competitive by the day and people are in a constant rush, time seems to be the most important asset. This is the reason why each of us needs to save time, which is possible only if we are able to identify time wasters and get rid of them very fast.

Here are the 10 biggest time wasters we need to keep away from our life:


10. Other Interruptions

Some other interruptions such as unexpected guests, phone calls or distractions may also prove to be great time wasters. It is better never to mix up personal and professional life, which can be done by making schedule for different tasks.

9. Seeking Help from Others

Next among the list of 10 biggest time wasters is seeking help from others and waiting for it to come, as it will probably never come. Instead, it is better to focus on doing the job on your own, relying on your personal resources.

8. Random Networking

One may be under the impression that random online networking may be a good help to the business, but it is actually sheer wastage of time. On the other hand, it is essential to make reliable personal relations rather than networking uselessly and wasting your time.

7. Inability to say “No”

One of the biggest time wasters in the world is the inability to say no. If you say yes to everyone and take on excessive pressure you may end up taking longer than usual to complete the tasks at hand and this can cause a big waste of your time.

6. Meetings

Office meetings which are held without a purpose can be a great waste of time, particularly if the time frame is not taken care of. Instead of wasting long hours in meetings which end up with no conclusion, the same time can be used for some productive jobs in the office.

5. Waiting for Overnight Success

Believe it or not, if you are waiting for a golden ticket which leads you to overnight success and riches, you are making an absolute waste of your time. The option may seem to be an alluring one for desperate and lazy people, but it is actually a futile thing to look for.

4. Not Knowing your Priorities

If you are not aware about your priorities, you are likely to lose on time and a great deal else. One should have clarity and focus to make efficient use of time and resources.

3. Software Issues

Software issues and errors make another reason why time gets wasted on numerous occasions. There may be a time when you may be working smoothly on your system and suddenly an error message pops up on the screen, which is something highly frustrating.

2. Phone Calls

Next among the 10 biggest time wasters is making lengthy and unnecessary phone calls and making useless conversations with friends and acquaintances. These phone calls not only elevate your telephone bills but also steal away your precious working moments.

1. Social Networking

Social networking seems to be the biggest culprit when we talk about time wasting process. It is a common sight to find people busy on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter, but it plays a havoc on their productivity and steals away hours of their time, without their even realizing what they are losing on.

It will not be wrong to measure success on the yardstick of time. Therefore, one should make efforts to conserve time and use it the best way.

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