The World’s 10 Most Bizarre Alcoholic Shots

Beverages have been evolving over the years. As the nightlife and party culture of many countries change and have become more liberal and much wilder, bartenders, wine experts, culinary experts, beverage connoisseurs, and entrepreneurs have experimented on various alcoholic shots to give customers the experience of a lifetime. Whether the shot is to up one’s energy, to create a mood for chilling and relaxing, or to spice up the atmosphere with a hint of sexual energy, many alcoholic shots would do the trick to give you your “mood of choice” on that special night.

This list wants to dish out to you the 10 most bizarre alcoholic drinks. Would you like to try them out?

10. New Jersey Turnpike/Dirty Panties

New Jersey Turnpike/Dirty Panties

This shot is for the experimental drinker – and for those with a sturdy stomach. Bar mats and bar rags are squeezed together with New Jersey Turnpike. Then, parmesan cheese is added to the concoction and is drank with cheers by the drinker. It is nasty, wicked, and dirty indeed. Make sure to get immunized by the doctor after!

9. Liquid Steak

Liquid Steak

As the name implies, this is probably an ideal shot for all carnivores out there. The mix is actually made up of 50% rum and 50% Worcestershire sauce – which should add the steaky smell and taste to it. To be honest, it does not taste like steak at all. People just love it for its unique kick and the magic of the bizarre combo.

8. Hot Mexican Hooker

Hot Mexican Hooker

The shot is nasty, spicy, and utterly wicked. It is made up of ⅔ tequila and ⅓ tabasco sauce, which makes the drink super chilly. It also contains several precious drops of tuna juice – canned tuna, that is. Definitely not for the newbie drinker as the concoction causes rookies to vomit and swear to stay away from the drink forever!

7. Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer

To be fair, in terms of taste, the cement mixer is rather harmless. Rather, it is the experience of having it in your mouth that would prove to be rather unforgettable. Why? The secret is in the concoction. Bailey’s Irish Cream and lime juice are mixed and must be swished in the mount – producing a hardening and cement-like feel in your teeth and gums.

6. Alligator Sperm

Alligator Sperm

Alligator Sperm is one of the nastiest potions that you will ever drink in a bar or nightclub. It is simply 50% melon liqueur and 50% pineapple juice, topped with cream. The drink itself looks green and unappealing, and according to those who have tried it, the look and the taste are both certified vomit-inducers!

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5. Horse Jizz

Horse Jizz

It actually has nothing to do with horses, jizz, nor semen. Rather, it is a combination of 50% beer and 50% milk. The drink itself looks frothy and the potion itself is as bizarre as bizarre can get. Even alcoholics were said to have surrendered when served with this drink. Then again, adventure-seekers may always give it a try.

4. Infected Whitebread

Infected Whitebread

The name itself already gives you a stomach-churning feel. And by all means, this drink does just that. It is a concoction of vodka and bloody mary PLUS a generous mix of some cottage cheese. The experience of drinking it is in itself weird, and the effect that it has on your stomach is also one for the books!

3. The Eggermeister

The Eggermeister

Also known as Prairie Oyster or Prairie Chicken, the potion is a combination of tabasco, bourbon, and an egg yolk. Another version of this nasty drink has the Jagermeister downed after consuming a pickled egg.

2. Smoker’s Cough

Smoker’s Cough

It’s as if you are drinking phlegm – this is the best description for this concoction. Made up of Jagermeister and mayonnaise. Another nastier version combines vodka, tabasco, pepper, and mayonnaise and has earned the monicker Tapeworm.

1. Bloody Tampon

Bloody Tampon

This drink has two-thirds vodka and one-third tomato juice. It is perhaps one of the nastiest – if not THE nastiest combination that you can ever drink. Be sure that you are near the toilet when consuming this!

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