Top 10 Alive Foods that You Should Try

Are you a real foodie?

Gastronomic adventurers out there are hereby challenged to discover and try the 10 most interesting alive foods in the world. While this is clearly not for the faint hearted, who knows, it can also be a great gastronomic adventure for foodies and brave ones alike – a la Fear Factor.

So, how many of these can you truly much on?

10. Yin Yang Yu

Yin Yang Yu

Yin Yang Yu is a Chinese delicacy that means dead and alive fish. In this kind of food, the body of the fish is deep-fried while the head remains completely raw. The Chinese philosophy of balance called Yin and Yang play a central role in this delicacy. Once you try it, you will actually be eating something that is directly looking at you as the head appears to be alive and even gives the illusion that the fish is still somehow moving.

9. Ikizukuri


This sashimi type Japanese dish is a favorite of many. The customer picks a fish that he wants to eat from a fish tank or an aquarium. The fish is then quickly caught and taken out of the water, systematically disemboweled while keeping much of the fish still intact. As the fish is then efficiently sliced and then consumed, you can still see the fish head moving or the mouth of the fish still struggling to breathe.

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8. Sannakji


This Korean delicacy features either baby squid or baby octopuses, complete with its tentacles. Sesame oil and sesame seeds are then poured on the newly caught baby octopus. After that, well, what are you still waiting for? Eat them alive! Eating sannakji is actually quite an unforgettable experience as swallowing the baby octopus alive with the tentacles still moving promises to be an exhilarating experience for the mouth and the throat.

7. Frog Sashimi

Frog Sashimi

Yes, you better believe it. The frog is eaten alive. In this tasty Japanese dish, the frog is caught and is quickly but systematically disembowelled. The flesh of the frog is placed on ice together with its entire head and the heart. After this, salt and other spices are poured onto the plate with ice underneath. Those who were able to try this dish found it very memorable as the heart of the frog is still seen beating while everyone is already eating.

6. Sea Urchins and Oysters

Sea Urchins and Oysters

These delectable sea creatures are a favorite in many high-end restaurants around the world as well as hole in the wall eateries in Asia and North America. Though sea urchins and oysters are fairly common dining fare, very few people actually know that they are eating these creatures alive! Yes, both the sea urchins and the oysters are not yet dead when consumed in most restaurants and hotel buffet banquets.

5. OdoriEbi


Although the shrimp may already be dying or dead before it is eaten, much skill has been put in de-shelling the shrimp and reattaching its head after frying it. It looks really tasty and really, alive!

4. Drunken Shrimp

Drunken Shrimp

This Chinese dish involves around a dozen medium-sized shrimps that are dipped in an alcoholic beverage. The challenge for the eater is to catch the shrimp and eat them alive while they are still seen jumping and moving while submerged in alcohol.

3. Ant Salad

Ant Salad

The Danish restaurant of Noma has replaced croutons as lettuce toppings in their salads, Rather, frozen but still live ants are put to replace croutons and to make the salad more flavorful. The ants are frozen so they actually move slower.

2. Jumiles


This Mexican delicacy involves stink bugs eaten alive to make your tacos tastier, with the inclusion of guacamole, salsa, and other sauces. Yummy!?!?

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1. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu

This Sardinian delicacy has already been banned for health purposes. Why? They use maggots and flies to make the cheese tastier and more aged. The maggots can still be seen jumping up and down on the surface.

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