Top 10 Amazing Natural Infinity Pools in the World

Who says infinity pools can only be seen in luxury hotels and residential places? Well, Mother Nature is the most excellent architect in the world, and breathtaking infinity pools are just some of its magnificent creations. Yes, you guess it right. There are a number of natural infinity pools out there that will make you mesmerized the moment you see them in person.

In relation to this, here are 10 amazing natural infinity pools in the world:

10. Pamukkale Travertine Terraces

Pamukkale Travertine Terraces

As its name suggests, it forms some terraces that add up to the natural aesthetics of this breathtaking natural infinity pool. It can be found in the so-called “Cotton Castle” in the western part of Turkey, particularly in the town of Pamukkale. It looks very cold since it has snow-white steps, but the truth is, the water here is quite hot. In fact, there are times that the water temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius.

9. Devil’s Pool

Devil's Pool

Though the Devil’s Pool is nestled in a dangerous location in the magnificent Victoria Falls in Zambia, it is still undeniable that its beauty is absolutely mesmerizing. This infinity pool extends right at the very edge of the falls, so it can be dangerous especially for children. Thus, you need to be very careful when you go swimming here. It is best to go swimming here during dry season.

8. Top Ponds

Top Ponds

Top Ponds is a very unique natural infinity pool in the US state of Colorado, particularly in the Valley View Hot Springs of Villa Grove. It is a three-tiered pool that is connecting to one another. This is where you can relax your exhausted body, and its water temperature level can be as hot as 93 up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Natural Lava Pools of Porto Moniz

Natural Lava Pools of Porto Moniz

Natural Lava Pools of Porto Moniz is obviously, located in the beautiful village of Porto Moniz in the autonomous region of Madeira in Portugal. This natural infinity pool was formed because of the lava that came out from the erupted volcano in this place way back in the past years. What’s even interesting about it is that it is located right beside the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Caldeira Velha

Caldeira Velha

This is not like the other natural infinity pools since it is located in the middle of an abundant rainforest in Sao Miguel of Azores in the beautiful country of Portugal. If you are a nature and forest lover one, then going to Caldeira Velha natural infinity pool is the perfect thing to do. The pool is right there at the bottom part of a waterfall, and the surroundings are rich greeneries.

5. Piscina Naturale di Ferreira

Piscina Naturale di Ferreira

Another amazing natural infinity pool that can be found in the island of Sao Miguel in the archipelago of Azores in Portugal is the Piscina Naturale di Ferrereira. It is a tidal pool visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. You can go swimming here in any way you want it, and enjoy the warmness of the water.

4. Tai O Lantau

Tai O Lantau

Tai O Lantau is a natural infinity pool that can be enjoyed when you go travel to Lantau Island, which is under the territory of Hong Kong. This is something that you can enjoy in the island, apart from the things that can be offered by the Tian Tan Buddha, Disneyland Resort. It is not that easy to access though, so a tour guide is definitely needed.

3. Kuang Si Waterfalls

Kuang Si Waterfalls

The Kuang Si Falls is one of the finest tourist attractions that you can ever find in the beautiful country of Laos. It is a three-tiered waterfalls particularly located in the capital city of the Luang Prabang Province, which is Luang Prabang. One mesmerizing thing about this natural infinity pool is its turquoise blue color.

2. Gunlom Plunge Pool

Gunlom Plunge Pool

Gunlom Plunge Pool is strategically located on the top portion of the Gunlom Falls. For you to know, Gunlom Falls can be found in Australia, particularly in the Kakadu National Park and Arnhem Land. The water of the natural infinity pool is not the only one you can enjoy here, but also the incomparable beauty of Mother Nature that you can see on top.

1. Tidal Pools of Sydney

Tidal Pools of Sydney

In case you don’t know, Australia is packed with a number of beautiful tidal pools such as the McIvors Pool and the Wylie’s Baths. The water in this tidal pools comes from the ocean of course, and they are now placed with ladders, railings, and concrete walls so that it will be safer and easier for the tourists to go swimming here.

These are the 10 amazing natural infinity pools in the world. Visiting these places is really something that you must not forget doing.

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