Top 10 Amazing Obelisks in The World Today… Check Out No. 5

Obelisk is a four sided tall monument which has a pyramid like shape end at the top. Long time, obelisks were mostly monolithic, but in today’s world, obelisks are made of stone and concrete with interiors spaces and stairs used to climb over a case in mind is the stone only Washington DC monument, which was built in honor of the first president of America, George Washington.

Vatican Obelisk in the Vatican City

Here are our top 10 obelisks which are found across the world today

10. Obelisk of Axum in Ethiopia

It is 24 meters tall and has been in existence for over 1700 years. It weighs around 160 tonnes and features two false doors at the base. All sides have a window like decorations.

9. Flaminio Obelisk in Rome, Italy

It is located in Piazza del Popolo and it is 24 meters high if you include the base, it is 46.5 meters tall. It dates back to 10 BC and was rediscovered broken into pieces in 1587 along with the Lateran obelisk and placed in its current location.

8. Lateran Obelisk in Rome, Italy

It is a monolithic obelisk, initially done Egypt and it happens to be one of the world’s largest  which is currently located in Italy. It was initially supposed to be  taken to Constantinople, but was grabbed by Constantius II to Alexandria, and was later shipped to Rome in 357. It got broken and was buried, later on it was re-re-escavated and rebuilt in the year 1588. It currently has a cross and a pedestral covered with inscriptions in hieroglyphics.

7.  Walled obelisk in Istanbul, Italy

It is constructed of roughly cut stones and is up to 32 meters high. It is a  Byzantine obelisk which was built by Constantine VI. It was decorated with bronze  and has a sphere at the top. The bronze was taken by unknown people  and the monument was severely damaged in the Janissaries and Fourth Crusaders.

6. Luxor Obelisks in Egypt

It is among the greatest obelisks in the world. They are twins, which are over 3000 years old and are built outside the Luxor Temple, which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the east side of River Nile in Egypt. The one on the right side was presented by the Egyptian government in France in the 19th century and is called Cleopatra’s Needle while its twin, the Luxor, is in Egypt.

5. Cleopatra’s Needle In France

This is a twin obelisk of the Luxor obelisks which is in Egypt. There are other two obelisks known by the name Cleopatra’s Needle, which are found in New York in the US and London UK.  The two are a pair which originated from the city of Heliopolis, currently known as Cairo, in Egypt.    It is made of red granite with hieroglyphic inscriptions from Egypt.

4. Temple of Re-Atum Obelisk in Egypt

It is generally referred to as Heliopolis obelisk and is located in Al-Mataririyyah in Cairo, Egypt in its original place. It was constructed bySenure I,  whowas the 12th dynasty. It passes to be  one of the amazing obelisks in the whole world as it is one of the oldest, surviving remnant of the Heliopolis found in Cairo, the  Egyptian city which is lying in complete ruins at the edge of Cairo.

3. Washington Monument in USA

It is located in the capital city in the USA, Washington DC. It is a modern obelisk which was built to commemorate the first American president, George Washington. It is constructed of bluestone gneiss, granite and marble,  making it to be the only true obelisk which is made of entirely stones. It stands at 169.045 meters.making it the tallest stone structured obelisk.

2. Obelisco De Buenos Aires in Argentina

It is one of the amazing obelisks in the world which is an icon and a national historical monument of Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires. It was constructed as a the commemoration of the first foundation of the city’s night entertainment and forth centenary. Punto Obelisco is an LED sign zone which surrounds the Obelisco De Buenos Aires.

1. Vatican Obelisk in the Vatican City

At times referred to as the Square of St. Peters, this is one of the amazing obelisks in the world. It is an Egyptian obelisk which is located in the papal enclave of the Vatican City in Rome. Built in 1586, it is still in its original position after being transported from Egypt to Rome during the Rule of Emperor Augustus . The square was designed a hundred years later. It is 25 meters long monolith with a decorated cross perched at the top.

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