Top 10 Beautiful Modern Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom is one of the important parts of a house. This is where you will take a rest and sleep, so bedroom must be conducive to resting. Aside from being conducive to resting, this particular room must also complement to the entire appearance of your house. In this regard, here are the top 10 modern bedroom ideas that everyone should know:

10. A Feature Wall Bedroom

A Feature Wall Bedroom

Who says a feature wall is only perfect for dining rooms and living rooms? You can certainly make your bedroom extra modern and edgy with a feature wall that is painted with cool paints or covered with fun and colorful wallpapers. Some mirrors can also be incorporated and hung on the wall for a great touch of luxury.

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9. A Feature Headboard idea

A Feature Headboard idea

In case you want to retain the appearance of your bedroom, there is no need to worry since you can still make it more modern by opting for a feature headboard. An integrated shelf or a bright plain-woven fabric placed on the headboard will certainly do the thing.

8. Incorporate Some Accessories

Incorporate Some Accessories

If your bedroom lacks modernity, it can surely be accentuated by putting some modern accessories and furnishings. You can decorate some frames covered with beads, scarves, and stickers. You can even display pictures that you like or brightly-colored artworks.

7. Black and White Bedroom

Black and White Bedroom

Black and white appearance of the bedroom is a common bedroom idea considered by a lot of people these days. This will certainly promote modernity in the room. However, its level of modernity can still be heightened by adding some decoration items that have shades of grey.

6. Nature in Bedroom

Nature in Bedroom

Having a bedroom where you will feel you are close to nature is certainly a modern bedroom idea. You can actually do this by substituting your walls with transparent glass materials. With this, you can be able to see the nature outside while you are resting in your bedroom.

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5. Writers Sunny Bedroom

Writers Sunny Bedroom

This idea has something to do with white-colored painted wall that is written with poetic quotes stylishly. In this way, the spirit of a writer or a reader’s room can surely be felt. Moreover, modernly designed bookshelves and writing table can also be incorporated.

4. Alternative Hotel Bedroom

Alternative Hotel Bedroom

This is closely the same with a bedroom in an apartment that has a platform bed-frame attached with built-in storage and a kitchenette that is electrically outfitted. Saved wood patterns will exude ultra modernity in your bedroom for sure.

3. Green Sunny Bedroom

Green Sunny Bedroom

A bedroom that is well-lighted and colored with white and green is certainly a highly-modern one. You can make the floors, walls, curtains, and quilt green in color. Moreover, you can incorporate white-colored windows that are inwardly open.

2. Sunny Rustic Wood Bedroom

Sunny Rustic Wood Bedroom

In order to exude enough warmth in the air and promote hospitable atmosphere, different designs and palettes can be incorporated in your room. Dark-wood media center, birch-colored flooring, and cloth quilt can also heighten the intensity of modernity.

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1. Modern Platform Bedroom

Modern Platform Bedroom

In this idea, you don’t need to place shelves and luxurious furnishings. Platform beds are definitely enough. The door should also be sliding glass door that will lead you to the terrace where amazing views can be seen.

These are the top 10 modern bedroom ideas that you should know. If you want your room to be modern-looking, then consider these bedroom ideas.

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