Top 10 Best Beer Brands in the World 2015

I came across a quote that says ‘Beer is the proof that God loves us’. The quote I think is enough to describe how much people love this incredible drink. It makes you feel an inexpressible effervescence that energizes the whole mind. Nothing else can be better way of relieving stress than this. However, it is true at the same time that a best brand can only offer you with the best satisfaction. On this context, here we present some of the incredible beer brands. Take a look!

10. Stella Artois

Stella ArtoisPeople say old is gold, and the above one is an absolute proof for it. This antique brand has been well matching the expectations of the fans and I am sure it will be keeping the good things going for ever.

9. Hoegaarden

HoegaardenIf flavour is your priority, then nothing other than Hoegaarden can understand your feelings. Especially, the creamy fragrance that it offers is simply distinguishing. The brand has quite established itself in European market scenarios.

8. Asahi

AsahiAsahi is the brand that has grabbed all possible accolades for its ultimate quality. They have been taking the high-end technologies in to account for ensuring the best outcome. The have the mastery in terms of incorporating the yeasts while production.

7. Harbin

Harbin BeerHarbin is undoubtedly one of the most successful beer brands in Asia. In fact, they are considered the best beer brands in China, and have grabbed many incredible accolades. Especially, post 2003 their market value has increased significantly.

6. Kingfisher Ultra

Kingfisher UltraNeedless is to mention about a brand like Kingfisher especially to a beer freak. In fact, those who don’t drink are even quite aware of it. Key factor of their success have been the way they deliver ultimate taste at incredibly lower price.

5. Budweiser

BudweiserIf you are looking for beer brand that can make you energised the moment you take, then Budweiser is a perfect recommendation. It’s such a refreshing stuff. The brand has marked it’s presence in European as well as Asian parts.

4. Heineken

HeinekenIf understanding the user’s taste is an art, then Heineken is Picasso of it. Their variety has been their biggest strength and the brand knows it really well on how to play under the aegis of it. The brand has it’s headquarter at Amsterdam.

3. Foster’s

FostersIf something malt rich is your favourite, then the above one is a perfect pick. It can thoroughly energise you offering an absolutely playful attitude. The brand has marked it’s presence in each part of the globe.

2. Schneider Weisse

Schneider WeisseSchneider Weisse is a fantastic option that has been one of the favourite especially for those who love the fruit flavour. However, the slight pungent blend offers the perfect spice in to its taste.

1. Carlsberg

CarlsbergUndoubtedly, Carlsberg knows it in a best way than anyone else does on how to make a perfect taste. It offers a perfect blend of sweet and tart for which people are just crazy about it. The brand is quite established in global scenario.

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