Top 10 Best Bike Brands in the World

No matter how mechanical people these days become, but life has always its own rule. There is no scarcity of the husky motor bikes in the market offering extraneous comfort. Still, in many occasion you prefer those to be at the garage itself and love to have a quality time with your road bikes. They bring on a unique effervescence in body and mind and make you feel confident. On this context, we present some of the excellent brands of bikes those have never compromised in terms of quality.

10. Cervelo


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This based in Canada manufacturer holds a great reputation of using high-end technologies in its devices offering you a great feel. A super strong body is always ensured through the top notch materials. The brand is too popular in USA.

9. Trek Bicycle Corporations

Trek Bicycle Corporations

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If you are on a hunt of a superb class racing bike, then anything from the above brand can fulfil your wish. Their headquarters are at Waterloo, Wisconsin. The company has a strong market base powered by a strong network of more than ninety distributors over the globe.

8. Pinarello


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This Italian manufacturer is too popular for its flawless compilation. The distinguishing part about the brand is that it offers the best comfort by mechanically assembling the parts as per the user’s demand.

7. BMC


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This based on Turkey brand is a leading name in terms of manufacturing best quality business bikes. Apart from bikes, they have also the adequate expertise in terms of manufacturing vehicles like buses, army vehicles, etc.

6. Focus DIY

Focus DIY

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The brand has a strong presence in the UK, and also in most of the European markets. They are having about two hundred centres in the UK itself that clearly reveals about their strong position. About three thousand employees are part of their empire in UK.

5. Orbea


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Here we come up with the most antique manufacturer in the line-up. The brand initiated its quest in 1930. However, the company was earlier busy in producing the guns and rifles. The brand holds an overwhelming reputation in terms of manufacturing durable bikes.

4. Felt Bicycles

Felt Bicycles

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Felt is one of the most favoured brands of the racers. This based in California manufacturer understands the nature of roads a way better than anyone else does. When it comes about making triathlon bikes, they are just numero uno.

3. Jamis Bicycles

Jamis Bicycles

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The brand has one of the most impacting global presences. This based in China brand has managed to become a favourite by presenting excellent variations. They are one of the most experienced contenders on this aspect as well.

2. Norco Performance Bikes

Norco Performance Bikes

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The brand’s inception occurred back in 1964, and it has been going too strong since then. They are well popular in more than twenty nations, and have exhibited about two hundred models. The brand is much buzzed among sports enthusiasts.

1. NeilPryde Limited

NeilPryde Limited

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This Honk Kong based manufacturer is one of the most successful names and have a strong business set-up. They are pretty active in more than forty nations, and a top rank name in adventure game sectors. More than three thousand employees are a part of their family.

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