Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in the World 2019

Smoking cigarettes is a great way to refresh and calm your mind. Cigarettes have been around since time immemorial and it has been widely accepted by different societies. They are several brands in the market and for someone who is just getting started or would like to try something new choosing the best cigarettes brands can be a daunting task.

The cut-throat competition between cigarette manufacturing companies has made it possible to greatly improve the quality of cigarettes in the market. There has been an introduction of filters which has made it safer to smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smokers have a wide range of flavors to choose from even the ones being made by a single manufacturer.

Today, we will provide two different list of best cigarette brand in the world. First best selling Herbal Cigarettes brand in amazon and best brands of cigarettes in the world.

What should you look out for when buying cigarettes?

Consider the following ideas when choosing a cigarette brand for quality smoking;

i) Cigarette brand

They are various types in today’s market. For beginners it is usually recommended that you choose a cigarette with low content of nicotine. This include light and ultra-light cigarettes. Try various brands so as to choose best available. Acquire information on how to smoke. Increase the quantity gradually until you adapt to regular smoking.

ii) Taste of the cigarette

If nicotine cigarettes taste harsh, it is recommendable to try methanol cigarettes. Methanol cigarettes quench the taste of tobacco giving it a better and smoother taste. Natural cigarettes taste well good too.

iii) Type of spice used

Most of the companies uses cloves to spice cigarettes. It is in pervaded with tobacco to give highly flavored cigarette. Some users might feel irritated with regular and methanol cigarettes. Cloves smoke is perfect for such smokers. The user ought to be very cautious when choosing a smoke clove because they can be very strong. This is necessary to eliminate occurrence of lightheaded effects. Do not try while driving.

iv) Cigarettes flavors

Cigarettes are available in various flavors. These gives the users a chance to choose their preferred flavor. These flavor include mango, chocolate orange, menthol, and cherry.

While a wide range of brands gives cigarettes smokers a reason to smile, it also brings confusion to choose the best cigarettes brands. For this reason, I have compiled the Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in amazon best selling list to help you narrow down the choices to ten. I have also included alternatives for non-tobacco cigarettes for people who want to quit smoking or wants to look as if they are smoking a ‘real’ cigarette.

Top 5 Best Herbal Cigarettes Brands in amazon best selling list:

 5.Herbal Cigarettes by PGO

Herbal Cigarettes are made from natural ingredients. They have got no tobacco, artificial additives and nicotine. It is among trustworthy cigarettes in the worlds market approved by US FDA. It is made of Artemisia leaf products. Its aromatic tastes is appealing to most of the cigarette smokers. Available in wide range of flavors including apple and chocolate. Every single pack has 20 cigarettes sticks. It features comfortable and extraordinary taste. It gives refreshing smoke. This non additive herbal cigarette is great choice for smoking termination.

Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in the World 2019


i)Herbal cigarettes have no chemical additives.
ii)Helps in quitting nicotine addiction.
iii)They are very cheap.


i)Not a perfect choice for heavy smokers.

4.BILLY 55 MENTHOL Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes

It was the first cigarette from herbal ingredients to be manufactured in US free from tobacco and nicotine substances. It was specifically initiated to assist nicotine addict smokers. It is versatile as it is not only used by those who wish to quit smoking but also regular smokers. It resembles traditional cigarettes. It is slighter cheaper than other similar products in the market. It has quantified tar and carbon monoxide components. This cigarette features methanol flavors.

Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in the World 2019


i)Uses methanol and regular flavors.
ii)It features pleasing smooth taste.


i)It has tar that are harmful to the body.

3.Harmless Cigarette (Harmless Cigarette Therapeutic Solution)

Cigarette smoking is very addictive. Quitting these lifestyle habit is never an easy thing to do. Harmless cigarette is best quit smoking aid. It satisfies the user as alternative to tobacco based cigarettes. The brand greatly minimizes craving of actual smoking. It has no harmful content therefore healthy. It perfect for luxurious and fun events. The product is very easy to use anywhere at your convenience. Also, this cigarette brand reduces stress. It gives desirable results within very short period of time ensuring healthy living after smoking for years. The user can use with other NRT accompaniments.



i)It has not harmful substances.
ii) It help reduce stress.


i) Limited use for only those who wish to quit smoking.

2.Cigarettes Regular Flavor-Smooth Taste

Cigarettes Regular Flavor-Smooth Taste are purely made of cocoa bean free from nicotinic substances. It has a pleasing smell that attracts most of the users. The manufacturing company is situated in USA due to availability of resources and advanced technology. On usage, it does not provide any smoke that could in turn results in adverse health conditions such as cancer. It does not include tobacco substances. Since they do not have any nicotine elements, the brand aid those who wish to quit smoking which has being part of their life for sometimes.

Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in the World 2019


i)Mild pleasing aroma.
ii)The smoke lasts longer hence fit for heavy smokers.


i)It has quantified tar.

 1.BILLY 55 Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes

The needs of every smoker differ from one individual to the other. Some find nicotine flavors undesirable. BILLY 55 Green Tea Herbal Cigarettes is perfect choice for these type of smokers. Additionally, this brands suits beginners and those who wish to quit cigarette smoking. It is free of tobacco and nicotinic substances. The suppliers give 4 pack in every single order. Regular flavors are used ensuring the cigarette is real and natural. It is made from natural herbal products including external layers of cocoa beans. This product has a smooth taste alongside with agreeable aroma.

Top 10 Best Cigarettes Brands in the World 2019


i)Multifunctional as it can be use both by those who wish to quit smoking and also users who enjoy smoking.
ii)Free from nicotine and tobacco.


i)Runs out of stock sometimes and this can be associated to its high demand.

Here are best brands of cigarettes in the world in general :

10. Pall Mall

Pall Mall

Pall Mall is a product of R J Reynolds, which is one of the most reputed manufacturers in the tobacco industry. It uses all natural ingredients, which gives it a unique taste and wonderful irresistible aroma.

9. Chesterfield

Chesterfield Cigarettes

Another renowned brand of cigarettes in the world is Chesterfield, a product of Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company. The brand uses fine quality tobacco and is low on nicotine content, which makes it a world’s favorite.

8. Dunhill


Next on this list is the brand called Dunhill, a product of British American Tobacco Company. It is a premium brand which commands high price, but continues to enjoy a great patronage. The cigarette of this brand is acclaimed for its taste which comes from the Virginian tobacco used in it.

7. Lucky Strike

Lucky StrikeLucky Strike, popularly known as Luckies, is a hot favorite brand among females. It is a reasonable priced option produced by American Tobacco Company. The brand features rich flavor and also has a very low nicotine content, which makes it a health friendly option too.

6. Parliament

Parliament Cigarettes

Another acclaimed cigarette brand is Parliament, a product of Philip Morris, which also produces the popular brand, Marlboro. The rich and hard flavor of the cigarette is attributed to its recessed filter. Additionally, the product is considered to have less ill effects due to low tar content. It comes in a great variety for smokers to choose from.

5. Kent

Kent Cigarette

Kent, which is produced by British American Tobacco company, cashed in on the cancer awareness generated demand of filtered cigarettes and became one of the most popular brands of its time. Another reason of the popularity of this brand is its considerably low nicotine content, which makes it less hazardous for health.

4. Camel

Camel Cigarettes

One of the most popular brands of cigarettes in the world is Camel, a brand by the market leader called R J Reynolds. Camel is renowned for bringing top quality at affordable price and uses tobacco of Virginian and Turkish variety. It is available in three variants, Camel Silver, Camel Blue and Camel Full Flavor.

3. Marlboro


Marlboro, a brand of Philip Morris International, was started as a ladies cigarette but has today become one of the most popular brands the world over. It is now regarded as a masculine brand, focusing on the youth in its advertising campaign. The brand features high quality at affordable price.

2. Cigaronne


Cigaronne is another top cigarette brand, which boasts of use of high quality tobacco, which lends it an amazing taste and heady smell. It also has a unique size, with a 120 mm long cigarette, of which 64 mm comprises of the filter part and remaining is the smoking part.

1. Davidoff


The list of best brands of cigarettes in the world is topped by the Swiss brand called Davidoff, which is available in variants such as Classic, Mild, Menthol and Slims. The credit for the unmatched flavor and rich aroma of this brand goes to the rare tobacco which goes into its making.

All these brands has a huge fan following around the world, with many takers for each of them.

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