Top 10 Best Essential Oils Brands for Aromatherapy Massage

Alternative healing therapies have become an important way of treating a wide array of medical problems these days, one of which is aromatherapy. It uses special kinds of essential oils to counter various problems. The effectiveness of the therapy depends upon the purity of essential oils used in the therapy, which is why one needs to rely upon the best brands.

Here are top 10 best brands of essential oils:

10. Fabulous Frannie

Fabulous Frannie is regarded as one of the leading essential oil brands, which make available a great variety such as carrier oils, essential, soaps and rolls. These oils are appreciated for their quality and ability to give a refreshed feeling by doing away with stress.

9. Doterra

Doterra is a brand which brings pure and healin essential oils, which have been prepared by gentle distillation of carefully grown plants, to ensure complete purity of the oils. The flavors availabel under this brand are many in munber, including basil, ginger, clove, cardamom, lemon, grapefruit, fennal and peppermint, to name justa few.

8. Weleda

One of the most trusted brands of essential oils is Welada, which has been in the market since 1921, dealing in a wide array of products, including baby care, hair care, skin care, deodorants, eye care and toning products. Essential oils from this brand are known to provide stimulation for the body as well as soul.

7. Woolzies

Next on the list of top 10 best brands of essential oils in the world is Woolzies, which brings various flavors in essential oils such as orange, lemon and lavendar. They have amazing aroma and massage with these oils can enhance circulation and stimulate the senses.

6. Plant Therapy

For those who are looking for quick results and lasting relief from aromatherapy, Plant Therapy is a brand name to trust. These essential oils are not only recognized for their excellent benefits, but are also priced to suit the budget of one and the all.

5. Heritage

Heritage is another acclaimed essential oil brand,which boasts of its amazing purity and outstanding quality. These oils come from organic plant extracts, which have been cultivated without the usage of any kinds of chemicals or pesticides.

4. Aura Cacia

Featuring next on the list of best brands of essential oils in the world is Aura Cacia, which started manufacturing top quality essential oils in 1982. These oils have been revered for improving physical, spiritual and mental well being, with regular use in aromatherapy.

3. Mountain Rose

One of the most well knoen brands of essential oils in the world is Mountain Rose, which offer a great collection in organic variety, suitable both, for aromatic and therapeutic purposes. They have been considered effective for providing quick pain relief.

2. Native American Nutritionals

A relatively new brand of essenntial oils, Native American Nutritionals has established a trustworthy reputation by bringing essential oils with excellent therapeutic quality. These have a woderful aroma and also give quick pain and stress relief. The best thing is that they are compeltley free of fillers or preservatives.

1. Young Living

Young Living essential oils are known to restore the balance of body and mind by providing relaxation and stress relief. They are obtained from extracts of plants which have been grown without using any kinds of chemicals, which is a guarnatee to their purity and high quality.

Over a period of time, all these brands have established a name for themselves in the aromatherapy industry around the world, the credit for which goes to their excellent quality and high purity.

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