Top 10 Best Fountain Pen Brands in the World

Fountain pens are a necessity these days with people from all walks of life requiring them all the time. At the same time, there are certain fountain pen brands which stand for luxury as they bring the most stylish and good looking pens for the users.

Here is a list of top 10 best brands of fountain pens in the world:

10. Sailor

Sailor Pen

Sailor is a pioneering brand, which has a history of more than 100 years in the international fountain pen market. Manufactured in China, these pens are made up using high quality material to meet up to international standards.

9. Kaweco

Kaweco Pen

One of the oldest and most consistent runners in the fountain pen market is Kaweco, which has been providing a wide array of products since its launch in 1883. These pens are perfect for those looking for smooth writing pens, which write without any kind of interruptions. The range includes elegance, elite, fantasy, all rounder, student and sketch up.

8. Nemosine

Nemosine Pen

A fountain pen brand which has a huge fan following around the world is Nemosine, which boast of presenting high quality and long lasting pens. They are also available in great variety in terms of variety and color, with the leading makes being fission, neutrino and singularity, to name a few.

7. Sheaffer

Sheaffer Pen

Sheaffer is the brand which comes next on the list f top 10 best brands of fountain pens in the world. These pens are slim and light in design and offer ultimate writing comfort and smooth writing experience. The brand presents a luxury range for the users with discerning taste.

6. Waterman

Waterman Pen

Next on the list of best fountain pen brands in the world is Waterman, another veteran which dates back to 1883. The brand offers an innovative product line for an amazing writing experience, which includes the likes of Elegance, Expert Deluxe, Charleston, Carene, etc.

5. Aurora (Aurora Optima Fountain Pen Emerald Green Medium)


Another fountain pen brand which promises a fine writing experience is Aurora, which was founded in 1919 in Italy. The pen is available in vibrant colors and cool models such as Talentum, Optima and Ipsilon. Excellent balance and smooth writing is what you get from these pens.

4. Lamy

Lamy Pen

Lamy is a fountain pen brand which boasts of excellent performance, long lasting durability and affordable prices. The pen is available in a wide array of colors and its ink need not be refilled often as the cartridge holds a lot more of it. The brand is perfect for the beginners.

3. Pilot

Pilot Pen

Pilot is a brand name associated with trust and reliability, as it promises great performance with the finest quality of raw material used to manufacture these fountain pens. It also showcases a great variety in models and colors and the pens form this brand are reasonably priced.

2. Montblanc

Montblanc Pen

Montblanc is a luxury fountain pen brand, which dates back to 1906. The pens are expensive in price but they are worth their value because of their smooth writing and amazing performance. Some of the most popular collection of this brand are Starwalker, Heritage, Grace Kelly and Boheme.

1. Parker


Parker is the undisputed leader on the list of best brands of fountain pens in the world because it is the name which stands for quality, reliability, craftsmanship and innovation. The brand continues to lead the market since it was founded in 1888, with collections such as Parker Urban, Premier Black Edition and Duofold.

These pen brands have a good fan following all around the world and all discerning pen lovers want to have them as a part of their collection.

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