Top 10 Best Generator Brands in the World

Are you looking for a new generator? Or you might me planning to get a new generator for a caravan trip. Perhaps you are interested in getting a backup system for your home in case of load shedding. It does not matter for what reason you are purchasing a generator but what matter the most is the brand which you are going to purchase. It is the best policy to remain updated about the top brands of generators before you buy them so that you can decide that the generator is worth of its cost. There are various types of generator is available for recreational, domestic, construction and business purposes. In this article, we have listed the top ten generator brands to guide you in this aspect.

10. DeWalt Generator

DeWalt Generator


DeWalt Generator is one of the best performing portable generators in the world. The generator is very fuel efficient and handy. It is mainly used for small trade and business. It can also used in home for short term back up purpose.

9. DuroMax Generators

DuroMax Generators


DuroMax Generators are among the leading brands that are used for providing power backup solutions. During load shedding, these generators are suitable for supplying back up to your mains or solar home power supply.

8. Pramac Generator

Pramac Generator


For auto start and large unit systems, Pramac generators are the most trusted generators. These generators are manufactured under strict guidelines undertaking highest standards in Europe. Pramac generators are known for giving best back up when required. The generator is best for residential, industrial and solar back up. Pramac 7.2kVA ES8000 and Pramac 6kVA Diesel P6000 are the best selling units.

7. Crommelins Generators

Crommelins Generators

Crommelins Generators are one of the most renowned generators for more than 50 years. The company sells 40 different generator models for both petrol and diesel fuels in market. Crommelins Generators are best for Construction, mining and farming industry. The best selling product is Crommelins 8kVA workcover approved.

6. Hyundai Generators

Hyundai Generators


Hyundai is considered to be the top brands in generator industry which are manufactured according to world’s highest standards. Hyundai offers generators for both petrol and diesel variant. Hyundai generators are best for residential and industrial units. Hyundai 5.5kVA Dieseland Hyundai 11kVA Diesel Silenced are the best selling generators.

5. Advanced Power Generator

Advanced Power Generator

Advanced Power Generator is one of the trusted brands in power generating industry from last 20 years. Advanced Power Generator is suitable for home, business and farming requirement. Advanced Power 8kVA, Advanced Power 8kVA Workcover Approved and Advanced Power 3Phase 7kVA are the best selling products of this brand.

4. Honda Generators

Honda Generators


Honda generators are known for their enviable reputation among the other generators. In terms are trust and reliability, Honda is world’s leader in generator industry. The best selling unit is Honda Powered 8kVA trade Generator.

3. Subaru Generators

Subaru Generators


Subaru Generators are known for their quality and warranty. Most of the generator manufactured by the company comes with minimum 2 years of warranty. Subaru Generators are best for home, trade and small agricultural works. Subaru RGX5100 is the best selling product.

2. Lectron Generators

Lectron Generators

Imported from China, Lectron are affordable generators used in camps and caravans. This inverter provides great value for money. The size of the generator can vary from 800w through to 3500w. Lectron EC3500and Lectron EC2000i are the best selling products.

1. Yamaha Generators

Yamaha Generators

With latest technology and innovation, Yamaha generators are at the top of our list. Since last 50 years, Yamaha is producing best quality generators in the world. Yamaha generators are the most lightest and fuel efficient machines. It is best for recreational, residential and small scale industrial purposes.  Yamaha EF2000iS, Yamaha EF2400iS and Yamaha EF2800I  are the best selling products.

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